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Barton Perreira The Rimless Collection

Barton Perreira Rimless Collection:
The Pinnacle of Eyewear Excellence

Ah, the unique elegance of rimless glasses. The kind that adds a distinguished touch to your style, the kind that says you're not afraid to be different, to stand out. That's what the Barton Perreira Rimless Collection at EyeOns is all about - a collection of stunning, top-tier, rimless glasses designed to make a statement, to steal the spotlight. And we guarantee, it's not just about style - each piece of eyewear from this collection is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative design.

What makes the Barton Perreira Rimless Collection extraordinary? It's more than just acquiring a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses - it's about embracing a lifestyle, marking a fashion milestone, and endorsing superior quality. When you purchase Barton Perreira, you're stepping into an elite club of eyewear enthusiasts who value aesthetic appeal, meticulous detailing, and sophisticated design.

Barton Perreira Rimless Collection: The Pinnacle of Eyewear Excellence
  • Innovative Design: The Barton Perreira Rimless Collection pushes the boundaries in shape, color, and materials, allowing it to stand out in the eyewear market.
  • Limited Edition: This collection is a limited edition release, which gives it an air of exclusivity and uniqueness.
  • Luxurious Feel: With charmingly provocative lens shapes and colors, each piece in this collection creates a unique silhouette that evokes a heightened sense of luxury for the wearer.
  • Impeccable Craftsmanship: Every style in the collection is complemented by impeccable craftsmanship. The hand-selected mixed materials used, create ultra-lightweight eyewear that feels effortless on your face.
  • Signature Materials: Meticulously designed in Barton Perreira's signature titanium and embellished with hand-engraved filigree details, these pieces offer a luxurious and distinctive look.
  • Gold Accents: Adding to the luxury feel are sculptural 24k gold hardware details, which infuse each pair with an extra touch of sophistication and glamour.
  • Inspiration: The collection draws its inspiration from various sources, but most prominently from early 20th-century fashion and styling. This timeless appeal adds to the allure of the collection.
  • Endurance: Staying true to the Barton Perreira brand mantra, the collection is designed to stand the test of time, making it a valuable long-term investment in style.
  • Effortless Comfort: Despite the bold design elements, each pair in the collection offers easy, comfortable wear. The ultra-lightweight build ensures they feel as good as they look.

The Free-Spirited Style of the Barton Perreira Rimless Collection

The Barton Perreira Rimless Collection, available at EyeOns, is a spectacular fusion of adventurous style and intricate design that pushes boundaries in shape, color, and materials. Patty Perreira describes this collection as "Free Spirited Style," revealing that her design muse stemmed from the timeless elegance and charm of early 20th aesthetics. The elegant shapes and color palettes create a heightened sense of luxury, perfect for the contemporary eyewear enthusiast.

The Free-Spirited Style of the Barton Perreira Rimless Collection

The collection is divided into two distinct lines - the Sun Collection and the Optical Collection. The Sun Collection includes five exquisite models: Angie, Gloria, Jude, Quinn, and Roxanne. On the other hand, the Optical Series features the equally striking designs of Bennie, Jack, Jolene, Kiki, and Layla.

As part of the Sun Collection, the Roxanne model distinguishes itself with its uniquely provocative lens shape. Roxanne's allure lies in its careful sculpting, designed to complement a variety of face structures while making a bold style statement. These shades showcase a sleek and ultra-lightweight frame that sits effortlessly on your face, highlighting the brand's dedication to both style and comfort.

Jude, a sunglass model, is a nod to a minimalistic, architectural style. Designed with signature titanium and detailed with delicate hand-engraved filigree, it offers a timeless appeal. Meanwhile, the Gloria model screams glamor. It's an oversized style that commands attention, whether you shine brightly in sun-kissed gradient lenses or embrace the intrigue with the Dusk Sunset gradient.

The Free-Spirited Style of the Barton Perreira Rimless Collection

Marrying the bold and the elegant, the Rimless Sun Collection by Barton Perreira presents treasures like the Quinn sunglasses and the Angie model. The Angie model celebrates the ethereal beauty of a butterfly silhouette that gracefully soars at the forefront of fashion with its rimless design allowing your unique features to shine effortlessly. The Quinn sunglasses captivates with a bold hexagonal silhouette showcasing the innovative spirit of Barton Perreira in a strikingly unique and fashionable manner.

Shifting focus to the Optical Collection, the Bennie frame stands out as an effortlessly modern style for the style-conscious. Bennie's lightweight titanium frame is designed for the modern jet setter, with intricately handcrafted accents that underscore the brand's attention to detail. The Jack eyeglasses offer a distinctive look with their bold geometric shape. Lightweight titanium construction and intricate filigree accents give these frames an added touch of sophistication.

Jolene stands out with a beautiful butterfly shape that is beyond compare. Meticulously handcrafted, it encapsulates the brand's dedication to detail and quality. Kiki is all set to turn heads with its striking bow shape, a symbol of sophistication and style, while the charm of Layla lies in its captivating oval form, eloquently crafted to perfection.