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Boucheron Glasses and Eyewear

Boucheron™ - BC0029S

$605.66 - $762.71

Boucheron™ - BC0030S

$693.94 - $1655

Boucheron™ - BC0031S

$637.67 - $693.94

Boucheron™ - BC0033O

$537.03 - $1310

Boucheron™ - BC0045S

$445.12 - $577.8

Boucheron™ - BC0056O

$328.18 - $400.95

Boucheron™ - BC0061O

$316.01 - $400.95

Boucheron™ - BC0065S

$804.6 - $1310

Boucheron™ - BC0067S

$485.51 - $512.72

Boucheron™ - BC0069O

$335.92 - $436.05

Boucheron™ - BC0070O

$378.76 - $940

Boucheron™ - BC0073S

$445.12 - $940

Boucheron™ - BC0080O

$481.41 - $621

Boucheron™ - BC0081S

$761.4 - $1240

Boucheron is a legendary manufacturer of breathtaking jewelry pieces, which have been worn by members of royal families, fashion icons, stars of stage and screen, and sophisticated women throughout the world. Since its foundation in 1858, Maison Boucheron has stood for excellence and refinement in high jewelry and watchmaking. In 2018, the globally-famous brand celebrated 160 years of glorious history. Innovation, originality, and unique craftsmanship have always been at the heart of Boucheron’s creations. While taking inspiration from modern times, the brand stays true to its core values. All Boucheron products are crafted with unrivalled quality and original style in mind in order to provide highly reliable and beautiful pieces.

Today, Boucheron offers its exquisite collections of High jewelry, watches, and accessories, including exclusive fragrances and eyewear. To convey the Maison’s spirit and celebrate its unique codes, Boucheron offers breathtaking sunglasses and eyeglasses with iconic designs, such as Grosgrain, Clou de Paris, mirror setting and Double Godron. The collections include bold, distinct frames in acetate and sophisticated metal glasses in rich palladium and gold finishing. The Serpent Boheme and Quatre collections have made a mark for themselves throughout the years as the Boucheron’s iconic collections. By blending contemporary design and timeless French elegance, they embody Maison Boucheron’s free-spirited style and authenticity.  


Established in 1858 by Frederic Boucheron,who was the first jeweler on Place Vendome, Maison Boucheron has made a name for himself as an iconic jewelry house trusted and loved for its timeless, refined aesthetics and bold, original solutions. Today, Boucheron is a globally known brand, whose creations are associated with luxury and wealth. Alongside jewelry, Boucheron provides watches, fragrances and eyewear, all to the same high standards of unrivalled quality and design. To demonstrate the origin of the product, every jewelry piece from Boucheron is provided with a certificate of authenticity; as well as precious stones over a certain number of carats come with individual gem certificates.

For more than 160 years, the House of Boucheron stands for sensuality and elegance and keeps introducing outstanding designs in jewelry, watches and eyewear, taking the inspiration from natural elements such as sun, animals or birds. Each Boucheron collection celebrates the rich history and the core values of the Maison, offering jewelry pieces that feature a perfect balance between extraordinary design and manufacturing excellence. From the very beginning and until today, the accuracy of mechanisms, balance between top-grade materials and unique forms, and sophistication of ornaments and embellishments are the signature features of Boucheron.


Today, it's impossible to imagine Paris's Place Vendome without the splendid jewelry boutiques that dazzle street walkers. But back in 1893, a spirited jeweler Frederic Boucheron was the first to establish the jewelry shop in Place Vendome, a square in the heart of France that has become one of the industry's retail epicenters. He bought the sunniest corner of the square, believing that the diamonds in the windows would shine much more brightly. And Boucheron wasn’t mistaken.While the company has since expanded greatly to boutiques around the world, 26 Place Vendome remains its spiritual home.

Boucheron became known as the jeweler of independent and free-spirited women. From the Maison’s founding in 1858 until now, the idea of freedom has been displayed in various aspects: creative and aesthetic freedom, technical and artistic freedom. But first of all – the freedom in how jewelry is worn, with no regard for the strict rules or ideology. All the products created by Boucheron helps women throughout the globe to define their own unique style and personality, and thus to reveal how they are each individual and beautiful.

Boucheron was a family fashion dynasty, and after the death of its founder Frédéric Boucheron in 1902, his descendants have run the business. At the end of the XX century, the brand has been expanded to a wider audience with its selling out to Schweizerhall. In 2000, the Boucheron was then bought by Gucci Group, which in its turn was acquired by PPR in 2004. Nowadays, Boucheron is owned by Kering, a global luxury group that includes a comprehensive number of top-ranked Houses in Fashion, Jewelry, Leather Goods, and Watches.