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Brioni Glasses and Eyewear

Brioni™ - BR0040S


$280.90 - $288.45

Brioni™ - BR0053O

$248.40 - $310.50

Brioni™ - BR0053S

$300.05 - $620.00

Brioni™ - BR0054O


$172.48 - $311.25

Brioni™ - BR0056S

$300.05 - $620.00

Brioni™ - BR0057O


$178.12 - $311.25

Brioni™ - BR0058O

$170.17 - $172.48

Brioni™ - BR0058S

$204.12 - $415.00

Brioni™ - BR0062O

$252.33 - $620.00

Brioni™ - BR0063S


$238.68 - $246.63

Brioni™ - BR0064S


$242.76 - $363.75

Brioni™ - BR0065O


$199.20 - $363.75

Brioni™ - BR0069O

$210.60 - $215.14

Brioni™ - BR0070O

$210.60 - $393.75

Brioni™ - BR0073S

$258.12 - $393.75

Brioni™ - BR0074S

$258.12 - $393.75

Brioni™ - BR0075O

$210.60 - $215.14

Brioni™ - BR0076O

$215.14 - $393.75

Brioni is a well-known Italian company famous for its classic suites for men and leather goods produced from 1945 in the best traditions of experienced specialists and using the most premium fabric and leather. All the costumes by this outstanding company were made by hand and only then released into production. Over time, the brand has become a symbol of luxury, prestige, and high quality, and nowadays, the company produces perfect products to fit customers' needs. Being a leader in manufacturing stylish clothes and accessories for men, Brioni is owned by the French company Kering - an international huge group specialized in opulent goods.

Brioni Eyewear

Modern men who prefer elegant clothes with fine details, choose this company to emphasize their status and show their influential character. Many famed politicians, businessmen, actors, Hollywood stars, and presidents must have a Brioni suit in the wardrobe as a sign of good taste. A brand became a new world-known ideal of elegant clothes for confident men who like innovative silhouettes crafted in a bunch of bold and classic colors. Even the most demandable clients can find their things and accessories in a wide assortment of this powerful company that tailors recognizable suits and finest accessories for men. 


Founded in Italy in 1945, Brioni became an opulent brand that makes prestigious and sharp outfits for men who prefer classic items expertly made by the best masters from sophisticated fabrics. A tailor Nazareno Fonticoli and an entrepreneur Gaetano Savini opened their shop of men's clothes and accessories in Rome on Via Barberini 79, and currently, the Brioni shop is still there. Creators got the company's name from the Brijuni Islands which were a top-rated vacation for the European rich people at the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays, this company is well-known all over the world and tailors excellent collections of menswear, fragrance, leather accessories, shoes, and eyewear.    

Brioni Eyeglasses

The brand's target customers are modern men who are looking for impressive but simple eyewear to become not only a good item for everyday use but also a notable accent that adds to their look a finish of personality, charm, and certainty. The collection of sleek metallic and classy acetate frames impress by its simplicity and refined taste. Eyewear from Brioni is presented in many variants, from teardrop frames to square styles, and each pair is almost unbreakable, stylish, and gives a man a feeling of comfort and confidence as the rest of the pieces made by this renowned fashion house.  


In 1945, Italian tailor Nazareno Fonticoli and his partner Gaetano Savini founded the house of Brioni for VIP customers who were looking for a perfect suit made in the best traditions to fit any gentleman's taste. The creative and unique stamp of Italian opulence was in the brand's DNA from the very beginning, and the company became quite popular among clients. The first boutique was in Rome, where Brioni offered impeccable suits, shoes, and accessories crafted from exclusive and finest materials. 

In 1952, Brioni featured its first fashion show in Florence, Sala Bianca where the company introduced men's clothes of the Italian style made from excellent fabric and various colors and using innovative techniques. The brand was established as a top-rated company for modern gentlemen who are looking for sophisticated suits to show their grandeur.

Brioni Sunglasses

In 1959, Brioni expanded widely because a growing number of men all over the world were looking for its famous suits and accessories. The company opened a new atelier In Abruzzo and developed a new line of clothes with the help of more than 100 skillful tailors who had a wonderful experience in production. Perfection, superior style, expert control, and the best techniques became the brand's synonyms. 

Today, Brioni is an elite company known for its unique specialists, distinctive cut, and professionalism that offers a great selection of clothes for men handcrafted by Italian masters from the highest-quality fabrics as well as impressive accessories made from the most durable materials.