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Bvlgari Eyeglasses

Bulgary is one of the oldest and prominent Italian jewelry and luxury brands. The history of Bulgari goes far back to 1884 when Greek immigrant Sotirios Voulgaris, a jeweler silversmith opened his first shop in Rome where incredibly beautiful silver jewelry was on sale. Collections of silverware with ancient Roman and Greek motives gathered from architecture, mosaics and coins with elements of Renaissance and Art Deco gained popularity among fashionistas of that time. Bulgary timeless jewelry creations were a symbol of elegance, prestige and unrivaled craftsmanship.

Wearing jewelry from Bulgary was considered a sign of exquisite taste. With its chic and unique brilliant style of jewelry and watches it became an undisputed protagonist of the luxury world. Masters of the brand pay special attention to optical collections also distinct with their subtle refined style, noble design and impeccable quality, which points to its elite origin. The brand offers an array of timeless silhouettes in rectangular, square, oval and round shapes with simple refined aesthetic and impeccable vintage or classic styles. Frames made of high-grade materials such as acetates, metals and their combinations, impress with the feeling of comfort and style.

Bvlgari eyewear is one of the legendary accessories that have become more than just an addition to the look. They are certainly recognized all over the world as one of the best and most recognizable brands. Bvlgari frames are made from high-quality materials and are often unisex. A wide range of colors of such accessories will satisfy even the most sophisticated taste: from delicate pink to catchy red. In the manufacture of the accessory, high-quality and proven over the years materials, such as titanium and metal, are used, so you should not worry about the service life. Each model is unique and interesting in its own way, it emphasizes individuality. It is the unique design, combining the boldness of the new time and classical traditions, that has provided the brand with unprecedented popularity.

Bvlgari eyeglasses are not the usual mass-market products. These are luxury accessories, which means that their owner is a successful and self-confident person. Regularly releasing new eyewear collections that are already available at EyeOns, the company remains true to its jewelry base: all Bvlgari frames are decorated with semi-precious stones and enamels. Rose quartz and spar, tiger's eye and opal, amber and agate, thin plates of mother-of-pearl, and elegant crystals coexist with high-tech metals, especially strong and light alloys, often covered with gold and silver. At the factories of the company, the traditions of jewelry craftsmanship are carefully preserved, and therefore many of the operations in the production of glasses are done manually.

The style of Bvlgari eyeglasses, both chic and concise, is recognizable and loved by luxury connoisseurs on all continents. Bvlgari frames and sunglasses are characterized by the use of expensive materials, exquisite design, and recognizable motifs of the brand's famous jewelry that serve as decor.  Refined frame lines, precious metals, and sumptuous embellishments have established Bvlgari eyewear as a leader in luxury. Models are created by hand by the best Italian jewelers, which once again proves the attention of manufacturers to the quality of their products. For the manufacture of such specimens, durable materials are used, and they are decorated with precious and semi-precious stones. As a result, eyewear acquires majesty and a special charm, which owners of excellent taste will be able to appreciate.

Bvlgari pleases its customers with a variety of frame shapes, they will please both admirers of the classics and seekers of fashionable modern solutions. In this accessory, every detail is worked out to the smallest detail, so more and more people prefer eyewear from the luxury brand in everyday life, not just on special occasions. A wide range of models allows you to choose your own unique frame and color, which will suit different styles: business, casual, and others. Bvlgari frames are of the luxury class for those who are looking for a recognizable and exclusive product of the highest level. Buy eyeglasses worthy of the world's best podiums - stylish, flawless, bright models from Bvlgari!