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C-Life 2022 Eyewear Collection

Launched in 2020 by the well-known brand Champion, C-Life is a new special line of fashionable clothes and trendy accessories that is designed especially for young and individual women and men who want to wear high-quality and reliable items as well as create an eye-catching look. C-Life introduces amazing collections of products from t-shirts and pants to belts and eyewear. Fresh and modern designs, iconic logotypes, top-rated materials, and attractive bold colors are the main features that characterize this famous company that belongs to L’Amy America Eyewear, just like a range of other brands.

C-Life 2022 Eyewear Collection

The new Fall / Winter Eyewear collection from C-Life includes many new styles added by L’Amy America to the Champion’s innovative line. It’s possible to find interesting and stylish optical frames and sunglasses for contemporary men and women who are searching for high-quality eyewear for everyday use. The collection from C-Life features soft gradient lenses, unusual placements for a logotype, multi-layer materials, and protective side shields to deliver excellent comfort and unmatched functionality. Glasses are offered in a great assortment of wonderful colors, including oxblood, darkened amethyst, and gold gradients to stand out from the crowd, as well as more traditional tones.

C-Life Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

A stylish and unique model of men’s eyeglasses, Kazuki features a square frame crafted from top-rated plastic to deliver maximum comfort and durability. Ideal for everyday wearing, this pair of optical glasses will add a contemporary twist to any man’s wardrobe. Choose from four interesting colors to match your taste and outfit perfectly! Futuristic and unique, Cayo sunglasses for men by C-Life is a shield-shaped frame crafted from the durable and weightless metal of the best quality. Designed for enthusiastic and active modern wearers, this eye-catching and dynamic frame in four color options will deliver unmatched UV protection as well as a stylish look!

C-Life Frames

Distinctive and elegant, women’s eyeglasses Tabi by C-Life feature a cat-eye playful shape and are offered in four various colors and sizes to match your requirements and taste. Designed for charming and stylish ladies, this model is made from high-quality and lightweight metal to ensure a precise fit and incredible functionality. Another interesting pair of prescription glasses for women, Eve is a full-rimmed irregular model introduced in three impressive colors. An interesting combination of metal and plastic makes this spectacle look stunning. Ultra-light and sophisticated, these glasses will suit modern women who want to create an eye-catching look to attract people’s attention.

If you are searching for a fashionable pair of women’s sunnies, view the model Winnie from the new collection by C-Life. This plastic square frame is available in four various color options to match your outfit and taste perfectly. Versatile and exclusive, this pair of shades will suit any occasion to protect your eyes from the harmful sun as well as make a fashion statement. Discover the entire Fall / Winter 2022 Eyewear Collection from C-Life on EyeOns to get a fashionable and high-quality pair of glasses ideal for everyday wearing. Popular among modern men and women, eyewear by C-Life features maximum comfort and unmatched functionality.