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Cartier C Décor Eyewear Collection

Cartier™ - CT0227S Décor C


$1,245.00 - $1,295.00

Cartier™ - CT0046S Décor C

$3,195.00 - $3,395.00

Cartier™ - CT0365S Décor C


$1,245.00 - $1,295.00

The Cartier C Décor Eyewear Collection:
Where Legacy Meets Luxury

The Cartier C Décor Eyewear Collection: Where Legacy Meets Luxury

Imagine eyewear that serves not just as a tool for better vision, but as a statement piece—a blend of utility and luxury. That's precisely what the Cartier C Décor Eyewear Collection offers. At EyeOns, we proudly feature 59 distinct models from this collection, all designed to cater to your unique tastes and preferences. Why settle for mundane when you can choose Cartier?

Before Cartier made waves in the world of watches and eyewear, they were, and still are, a world-renowned jeweler. Listed as one of Forbes's top brands globally, Cartier turned wristwatches from a fad into a fashion staple. Referred to as the "jeweler of royalty and the royalty of jewelers," Cartier isn't just a name, it's an institution. Owning a Cartier item in your collection transcends mere luxury; it signifies possessing an enduring artifact of unparalleled historical significance.

Elites in the Jeweler Industry:
A Glimpse into Cartier's Luminous Legacy

Elites in the Jeweler Industry: A Glimpse into Cartier's Luminous Legacy

The name Cartier reverberates through the halls of luxury, resonating with a sense of opulence that is both timeless and deeply rooted in history. Originating as the creator of bespoke jewelry and unique timepieces, Cartier has elegantly transitioned to become one of the most prestigious watchmakers globally. But what separates Cartier from its counterparts is not just the craftsmanship or the price tag - it's the brand's storied past. Wearing a Cartier piece, whether it be a watch or a pair of Cartier C Décor sunglasses, isn't just about experiencing luxury—it's like donning a piece of world history, an artifact of exquisite beauty and unmatched sophistication. From royalty and dignitaries to global superstars, the brand's appeal has always transcended borders and social strata, making it a universally recognized symbol of elegance and taste.

Yet, Cartier's allure doesn't solely lie in its heritage - it also magnetizes a modern audience, including famous faces that adorn our magazines and movie screens. The brand's magnetism extends far beyond its historical significance - it captures the essence of modern luxury as well. Known for innovation and setting trends rather than following them, Cartier has made its mark with timeless designs that merge the classic with the contemporary. Its pieces are symbols of enduring luxury, capturing the imaginations of discerning buyers who not only appreciate the aesthetic appeal but also the intricate craftsmanship that each piece showcases. Whether it's their jewelry, timepieces, or eyewear, the brand continues to be synonymous with unmatched elegance and style, attracting a clientele that values both quality and heritage.

Cartier's Design Motifs:
A Seamless Fusion of Iconic Collections

Cartier's Design Motifs: A Seamless Fusion of Iconic Collections

One of the most distinctive features of Cartier’s eyewear collection is its seamless integration of design elements from some of the brand's most iconic jewelry and timepiece collections. Whether it's the rugged, industrial aesthetic of the Santos series, which was inspired by early aviation and originally designed for Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, or the exotic allure of the Panthère de Cartier collection, marked by its sinuous designs and feline references, Cartier’s eyewear manages to encapsulate the essence of these enduring symbols of luxury.

The Première de Cartier collection, noted for its feminine elegance and art-deco inspiration, and the Pasha collection, renowned for its round, sporty watch face, also find their elements brilliantly reflected in Cartier's eyewear. By harmoniously blending design motifs from its rich lineage of jewelry and timepieces into its eyewear collection, Cartier creates not just a fashion accessory, but an emblem of its extensive history and innovation. Every pair from the Cartier C Décor collection or any other Cartier eyewear range becomes more than just a tool for better vision or sun protection - it becomes a symbol of a long-standing tradition of craftsmanship, luxury, and, most importantly, a piece of wearable art.

A Closer Look at C Décor Cartier Models:
The Pinnacle of Style and Elegance

Intrigued by the details? Allow us to walk you through a curated selection of models from the Cartier Décor C Collection, each designed to cater to diverse lifestyles and aesthetic preferences. We'll kick things off with the Cartier CT0227S. Perfect for the modern man who desires subtlety with a dash of opulence, this model exudes a unique form of understated luxury. Equipped with high-quality lenses that offer superior visual clarity, the CT0227S is a paragon of versatility. Whether you're stepping into an important business meeting or relaxing at an upscale beachfront café, this pair of sunglasses ensures you do so with unequivocal style.

A Closer Look at C Décor Cartier Models: The Pinnacle of Style and Elegance

Next, meet the CT0046S, an exquisite tribute to the elegance found in natural materials. Crafted from genuine horn, these frames offer a tactile richness that simply cannot be replicated by synthetic alternatives. What sets this model apart, however, is its universal charm. The frame's design effortlessly complements various face shapes, making it an ideal choice for both men and women who prize a harmonious blend of organic materials and enduring sophistication. With the CT0046S, you're not just donning eyewear; you're making a style statement that transcends gender and time.

Rounding out our list are the minimalist yet ultra-sophisticated CT0365S and the historically rich yet contemporary CT0005RS. The CT0365S is less about making a bold statement and more about accentuating innate elegance. The design features clean lines and subtle detailing, capturing the essence of Cartier's longstanding commitment to timeless elegance. Then there's the CT0005RS, a pair that harmoniously marries Cartier's storied heritage with modern-day aesthetics. Whether you're absorbing rays on a sunny beach or turning heads at a glamorous event, these frames elevate your look from ordinary to extraordinary, serving as a testament to Cartier's unique ability to blend history and modernity.

Beyond the Monogram:
The Timeless Tradition of C Décor by Cartier

The “C” Decor isn’t just a monogram - it's a stamp of Cartier's exceptional tradition. Noted for its thin, elegant, and elongated design, this "C" stands as an emblem of timeless elegance. What sets this collection apart, making it absolutely irresistible? Let's summarize:

Beyond the Monogram: The Timeless Tradition of C Décor by Cartier
  • Material Excellence: From platinum frames for those who demand only the best, to tortoiseshell details that seamlessly blend the classic with the contemporary, and even diamond accents to add that extra sparkle to your look.
  • Design Nuances: Whether it's the vintage-inspired shapes that hark back to timeless glamour or the sleek, minimalistic modern designs, each piece is a work of art. The intricate engravings are so meticulously executed, they're not just details; they're conversation starters.
  • Technological Ingenuity: Beyond the aesthetic allure, Cartier doesn't compromise on functionality. The C Décor Collection features anti-reflective lenses and offers unparalleled UV protection, ensuring that your eyewear is not just fashionable but also highly functional.