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Champion Glasses and Eyewear

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Products: 124 of 314

When you're training intensely and competing hard, you don’t need to worry about your footwear or clothes. Champion is a brand to rely on when it comes to high-quality and comfortable sportswear. Since its foundation in 1919, it has been a symbol of authenticity, reliability and performance. Each of its products is designed and manufactured with a sports-minded utility and high fashion in mind. Champion was the first to invent the Reverse Weave sweatshirt that was cut on the grosgrain. Due to its quality and reliability, the product was quickly picked up by sports teams across the United States. Champion clothing was also chosen by the US Military Academy for use during physical education classes and training exercises.

Over a century later, Champion is still recognized as the pioneer of the sweatshirt and continues to make history with its stylish and quality range of products. By combining timeless aesthetics and cutting-edge design, the manufacturer creates some of the best street wear clothing and shoes on the market. The current product line includes jackets, t-shirts and tops, hoodies and pants, sleepwear, underwear, sneakers, bags and eyewear. Especially designed for the athlete on the go, the collection of glasses feature stylish, dynamic and cutting-edge styles, providing the ultimate comfort and seamless fit for the wearer.


In 2019, Champion celebrated its 100th anniversary since its founding. Its ground-breaking designs changed the athletic wear industry for good, so it’s no wonder the company gained immense popularity in the 20th century: the iconic navy and red C logo is seen on some of the most famous fashionable celebs including Jennifer Lopez, sisters Hadid, Rihanna, Hailey Baldwin, Kim Kardashian. Today, Champion is a premium player in the world of sport and fashion that collaborates with world-renowned brands, including Monkey Time, Supreme, Off-White, Vetements, and many others. In 2017, the company opened its first European store in London's Soho district.

In 2017, the iconic Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie was exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art, paying tribute to Champion's rich heritage. The exhibition was called 'Items: Is Fashion Modern?' and included various popular fashion items that have had a significant influence on modern society. In 2018, the hoodie became a part of the permanent collection. Currently, Champion is a subsidiary of HanesBrands Family, which is recognized as a worldwide leader in social and environmental responsibility. Being a member of the sustainable apparel coalition, Champion is constantly striving to reduce the environmental footprint and social impact of apparel products. As a result, the brand is an 11-time winner of the EPA Energy Star Award.


Champion was born in 1919 from an overwhelming desire of 3 members of the Feinbloom family to create a new and efficient sportswear business. The company has started its way in Rochester, NY and was initially known as Knickerbocker Knitting Mills. In 1926, being the manufacturer of high-grade sweaters and sportswear, the company made a deal with Wentworth Military Academy, taking on the task to provide them with a school uniform. It was the first of many teams that Champion supported for the next 50 years. In the 1930’s, the brand was renamed Champion Knitting Mills Inc., and over the years, it has changed its name twice more—in the ’50s and ’60s, it was called Champion Knitwear Company, and got its current name only in 1967.

Champion became highly popular after the introduction of the Reverse Weave sweatshirt in 1934. It was the first engineered sweat that resisted shrinkage. It was quickly picked up by sports teams across the United States. Nearly a century on, Champion continues to be globally recognized as the “father” of the sweatshirt. In the ’60s, Champion collaborated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and in a decade it became the authorized outfitter for the National Football League (NFL). It was a blessing for the company, seeing that the cooperation with professional sports leagues made it a world-famous brand for the rest of the century.

In the period from 1989 to 2001, Champion was the official outfitter of all 27 teams of the National Basketball Association. Its clothing was used for all NBA merchandise, and soon spread far outside the sports world. Champion apparel appeared everywhere from concerts and movies to hip-hop scenes and skateparks. Presently, the label keeps making history with their innovative, high-end products. By combining timeless aesthetic and cutting-edge design, Champion manages to keep creating some of the best streetwear clothing around.