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Chesterfield Glasses and Eyewear

For over a century, Chesterfield has been at the forefront of innovation and luxurious design. The origins of the company involve a story of a strong and overwhelming desire to create something truly impressive and unique. Today, the Chesterfield brand is synonymous with quality products that people used to trust and prefer. The Chesterfield eyeglasses are known for their timeless, classic designs that will never go out of fashion.

The manufacturer strives to provide premium-grade products, specially made for 21st-century individuals who are serious about their style and look. Clean, subtle lines deliver a timeless appeal, while the robust construction ensures these frames will serve for many years to come. The collection includes eyewear with subtle semi-rimless or elegant rectangle frames, as well as perfect aviator style models. You can find elegance and aristocracy in each element of the brand’s eyewear.


Chesterfield has always been at the forefront in implementing new technologies and ensuring exceptional quality. Associated with luxury and prestige, Chesterfield products were extremely popular with political leaders, aristocrats, and movie stars. Chesterfield advertisements featured notable and famous personalities of the time. The company has always been striving for excellence by focusing on innovation and efficiency. Today, Chesterfield is a global manufacturer, whose products meet the highest industry standards.

The Chesterfield collection of eyewear blends sleek and ergonomic design that makes it a perfect choice for men who appreciate both – elegant style and perfect fit. Crafted from high-grade material, Chesterfield eyeglasses and sunglasses are guaranteed to serve their owners for years to come. Besides standard sizes, Chesterfield offers a wide selection of XL frames constructed with larger bridge and eye sizes as well as longer temple arms especially for individuals with a larger head diameter. Thus, Chesterfield glasses are available for a wider audience.


Today, the name Chesterfield is a symbol of style, impeccable taste and everlasting traditions which passed the test of time. We connect this name with solid, stylish and luxury English furniture in particular with English sofas. A harmonious name for this soft perfect creation was given in honor of the 4th Earl of Chesterfield Philip Stanhope, who was a famous government official, diplomat and writer in the XVIII century. Experts in history say that the first sofa with an unusual appearance for those times appeared exactly in his office. 

The Earl of Chesterfield had no direct relation to design, but he set certain conditions for the masters. It was Philip Chesterfield who told that style was the clothing for thoughts. And we also associate Chesterfield name with Chesterfield Overcoat which also has connection to the family of English aristocrats. Sources claim that the first to put on a coat, later called Chesterfield, was the 4th Earl of Chesterfield Philip Dormer Stanhope. Since then, such a coat is considered the standard of classic and elegant men's clothing around the world. 

Chesterfield eyeglasses were inspired by this original Chesterfield style which never got out of style during the centuries, maybe because it transmits a sense of luxury, elegance and sophistication. Chesterfield offers carefully crafted contemporary models of eyeglasses which exude classic appeal, premium quality and look so polished and refined. They carry comfort and style for men with classic tastes looking simple yet incredibly handsome.