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Chloé Glasses and Eyewear

Chloé™ - CH0004O

$217.50 - $236.25

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$236.25 - $255.00

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$236.25 - $255.00

Chloé™ - CH0016S

$273.75 - $292.50

Chloé, a luxury French fashion brand known for its luxe boho ambiance and laid-back chic aesthetic. Chloé beautiful collections embody modern femininity, blending innovation with classic Parisian style. Gaby Aghion, the brand's founder, moved from Egypt to Paris in 1945. An educated aristocrat from high society, the owner of a delicate refined taste, she communicated with representatives of the creative bohemia. Seven years later, Gaby launched her own brand, naming it after her friend Chloé Huysmans. With the opening of the brand, she created ready-to-wear apparel that could be bought immediately in the store. At that time, this was an innovation that very soon became the norm, which is entirely the merit of the designer.

Chloé Eyewear

Another fateful step was the invitation of the unknown Karl Lagerfeld, who led the house for two decades. Later, the brand was run by women: Martin Sitbon, Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, and Claire Waite Keller who all became star designers. In addition to elegant clothes, the fashion house produces trendy accessories including bags and glasses that amaze with their chic, feminine silhouettes.

Chloé sunglasses from the latest collection are a new word in the world of optical accessories. Light, airy, almost weightless frames of female models are complemented by high-quality gradient glasses of pastel shades. The elegant and neat shapes of the optical frames are harmoniously complemented by unexpected elements in the decoration of the temples and are good not only for social events but also for everyday life.


The founding of the famous French brand Chloé dates back to 1952, but its history began long before that date. The founder of this fashion house, Gaby Aghion, was born in Alexandria and moved to France at the end of World War II. A wealthy aristocrat and a very attractive lady from high society Gaby Aghion actively led a social life. Inspired by the ideas of Christian Dior, who returned grace and beauty to the catwalks, she decided to create models with her own hands. It all started with a small collection of dresses and soon turned into a fashion house named after one of Gaby's friends - Chloé Huysmans.

Chloé Eyeglasses

The brand has evolved under the guidance of many designers, but Chloé's style of everyday luxury remained unchanged. The name Karl Lagerfeld who joined the house in 1964 was synonymous with the house for many years. In the late 90s, Stella McCartney came to Chloe, bringing lace, lacing, and embroidery. This is what became the highlight of the clothes she creates. In addition to elegant clothing, Chloé produces sunglasses and frames that have become a symbol of femininity, charm, and sophistication.


The French fashion house Chloé was launched by Gaby Aghion in 1952 as a luxury company that brought a new style of femininity with its luxury-boho looks and chic Parisian aesthetic. Gaby was from Egypt, and in 1945 she moved to Paris with her innovative vision of opulent ready-to-wear collections. Aghion has rejected the standards of 1950s vogue and created a line named "luxury prêt-à-porter" of premium quality clothes from the finest fabrics. Famous designers followed the movement of Gaby, including Givenchy in 1956. 

In 1964, Aghion recruited a famed designer Karl Lagerfeld to head the design department of the brand. Karl stayed the fashion house's sole creative director until he departed to Chanel in 1983. In 1987, Martine Silbon joined the Chloé company to continue the development and promotion of the well-known brand and keep its reputation for being feminine and chic.

Chloé Sunglasses

In 1997, a young and talented Stella McCartney became a new creative director of Chloé and made two collections for the fashion house. Later, Stella started to develop her personal label, and in 2001, the position of creative director was handed to Phoebe Philo. And in 2011, a new designer Clare Waight Keller with her experience with Pringle and Gucci headed Chloé. 

In 2017, Chloé has got a new creative director, Natacha Ramsay Levi who continues to develop the company's feminine aesthetic to emphasize the women's personality and charm. Nowadays, the Parisian company crafts avant-garde and effortless clothes and accessories that will never go out of style and fill every lady with a touch of stylish and chic look to complete any luxury outfit.