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David Beckham Sunglasses

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Products: 124 of 63


Sunglasses produced under David Beckham's brand are available all over the world for those people who prefer individuality, simplicity of a British style, and great quality. The collection is distributed by a well-known manufacturer Safilo Group, a leading company in creating extraordinary and finest sunglasses. Every pair of these superior eyewear has a little Talisman - this is an iconic tiny drawing that looks like a bird's wings and symbolizes freedom, power, and protection. The Talisman can be seen from the front and side of glasses to give a collection a unique and special character. This is a perfect choice for everyday wearing for those customers who value comfort and attention to every detail in sunglasses production. 

David in his cooperation with Safilo Group has created a wonderful variety of frames for sunglasses made from durable materials, including stainless steel and acetate in a range of different colors. A collection offers a bunch of lenses that include polarised for active people, photochromic for adjusting to light change, orange for quality vision anywhere, blue-blocker for eye protection, and mineral for everyday use. All lenses are scratch-proof and extremely durable. All glasses are lightweight thanks to modern materials, and they will serve you for a long, providing a stylish look and protecting your eyes from UV rays and blue light that is coming from artificial light.