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Elasta Glasses and Eyewear

Elasta™ - E 3022/P

$80.08 - $83.58

Elasta™ - E 3055

$83.58 - $95.55

Elasta™ - E 3060

$83.58 - $95.55

Elasta™ - E 3120

$78.08 - $83.58

Elasta™ - E 7033

$79.58 - $90.65

Elasta™ - E 7045

$74.07 - $90.65

Elasta™ - E 7057

$74.07 - $79.58

Brand Elasta belongs to a world-known Italian Safilo Group, which has been passionate about making unique eyewear since its foundation in 1934. Thanks to the unmatched craftsmanship expertise, Safilo is an industry leader in the manufacturing of top-of-the-line glasses and related products. Elasta is a worthy successor to the proud Safilo traditions. The brand develops timeless sophisticated designs for those individuals who know that style is about being oneself. To create their eyewear frames, Elasta utilizes the best materials: super lightweight titanium, high-grade cellulose acetate, and lustrous stainless steel. Thus, by emphasizing efficiency, reliability, and superior quality, Elasta aims to maintain its status as one of the industry’s most reputable brands.

Choosing a pair of eyeglasses is not an ordinary purchase, but an act of self-branding: a perfect way to highlight an individual, confident, and unique vision that transcends fashion. These words mean inseparable concepts to Elasta, and that’s why it strives to create eyeglasses that are sure to add authentic beauty and comfort to everyday life and work. Elasta glasses are professionally designed, carefully crafted, and rigorously tested to deliver their owner a kind of satisfaction that is both aesthetic and physical. The Elasta eyewear collection offers a broad array of sophisticated styles. It includes the most iconic and popular shapes, enriched with modern accents and on-trend touches, to meet the expectations of the most demanding aesthetes.


High quality, unique design and almost 100 years of history - this is about the Italian giant Safilo. The company began work back in 1934 with the production of its own glasses. Thanks to active growth and success, today it also owns accessories lines for brands such as Hugo Boss, Carrera, Dior and many others. But creation of the brand's own glasses and frames collections is a priority. Optical products Safilo features stylish sophisticated design, elegant decor, the highest quality materials and innovative technology.

Safilo Elasta eyeglasses collection features styles that are reliable, comfortable, conservative, and accommodate progressive lenses. Elasta frames exude timeless silhouettes and clean, contemporary lines with minimal details and decoration which help to clearly express the personality and perfect taste of their wearer. From the very beginning the combination of functionality and comfort with focus on current fashion trends formed the basis of the brand. Using the Sàfilo Elasta hinge technology the brand creates models in durable, lightweight metal or sturdy acetate which will be worn for a long time by its owner making any simple outfit stylish and not ordinary. Elasta eyeglasses are distinguished by sophisticated design, elegant decor, high quality materials, innovative technologies and attractive prices.