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In the 1980s, the world-known designer Giorgio Armani decided to expand his company and create a new line for the youth of all budgets, and as a result, he invented a more affordable company that offered denim as a key element. Introduced by the famous clothing designer, the line Emporio Armani was specifically invented for young adults who wanted to buy elegant and simple clothes at an acceptable price. It was the idea of Giorgio for the word "emporio", the Italian for "emporium" – he imagined a place where people could buy stylish clothes and accessories at an acceptable price.

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The Emporio brand appeared as a collection of apparel and many other items for urban and cosmopolitan customers who prefer high quality and trendy looks. It's interesting that the famous logo of the company was chosen by chance. Armani just drew it unexpectedly when he was talking on the phone with his business colleague, Sergio Galeotti. An eagle divided by horizontal black thin stripes with the designer's initials became the iconic symbol of the line. This is a powerful symbol of exclusiveness and authenticity recognizable by millions of people worldwide. It reflects the brand's harmony, elegance, simplicity, nobility, and minimalism – this is just everything that its famed creator wanted to make.


The new line Emporio Armani created by the famous Giorgio Armani is comprehensive and revolutionary, like a shining star in the fashion dome of heaven. The main target customers of this brand are young women and men who are looking for stylish products with high vogue content. This new line set a new trend and made a big impact with its well-known name and the recognized worldwide symbol that represents the company. The "Emporio" name is a new concept of modern fashion, and the eagle means strength and freedom was selected as a symbol that stands for power and flies high, like a lucky talisman of the new line.

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The talented designer Giorgio Armani said that the Emporio Armani brand gives him great opportunities to create spirited, amusing, and modern looks of the essential style. Nowadays, this line offers contemporary and trendy collections of exclusive clothing and high-quality accessories. Being carefree and vital, the company always provides new ideas for wardrobe for young people to make a fashion statement with sporty and chic apparel and opulent accessories, including amazing eyewear collections. The popular Italian fashion house is popular among celebrities: for example, David and Victoria Beckham starred in the brand's campaigns twice. The famed stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Megan Fox became the female and male face of Emporio Armani in 2010.


Emporio Armani is a well-known fashion brand famous for its high-quality apparel and accessories, including luxury watches and stunning eyewear collections. This company is a sub-label of the iconic brand Giorgio Armani that gave inspiration for the new line to begin. The famed designer Armani was born in 1934 in Italy and decided to make his career in medicine, but after three years of studying, he had to join the army. Later, Giorgio decided to try himself as a clothing designer and got a job in a Milan store that was selling menswear. After getting a lot of practice in this area, Armani became a clothing designer for Nino Cerutti.

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The Emporio Armani company was launched in the 1980s just after success with the Giorgio line. Three sub-lines of the brand, Emporio Swimwear, Underwear, and Accessories were introduced in 1982. The talented designer Armani used a marketing strategy to promote a new brand, including street ads and TV spots, as well as the partnership with the movie industry. The company has invited some celebrities to become its faces, such as Rafael Nadal, Rihanna, Victoria and David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Megan Fox. This is the only secondary line designed by Giorgio, and its boutiques sell items worldwide.