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Emporio Armani Sunglasses

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Products: 124 of 1711


Emporio Armani is the second Armani label along with the Giorgio Armani brand. Launched in 1981, it has quickly become popular among the younger generations, who appreciated its metropolitan and experimental style. Today, Emporio Armani offers high-quality products that feature both elegant simplicity and innovative design distinguished by modern lines, exclusive shapes and premium-grade materials. The iconic logo –the stylized eagle– is a symbol of sharing and belonging, a meeting point that leaves space for self-expression.

Emporio Armani sunglasses are elegant fashion accessories with a touch of irony, which makes them a perfect choice for young and daring people. Exquisite attention to details with every pair of glasses becomes a basic part of ensuring the universal and iconic style of Armani. The assortment includes clean, refined silhouettes crafted from top-quality materials and embellished with sophisticated details. EA shades are guaranteed to suit any of your outfits creating a fashionable, contemporary look. Choose from the selection to feel like a million bucks this season.