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Flexon Glasses and Eyewear

Flexon™ - 601

$91.08 - $92.3

Flexon™ - 609

$91.08 - $92.3

Flexon™ - Autoflex 47

$117.05 - $125.4

Flexon™ - B2031

$100.3 - $158.09

Flexon was launched in 1988 by Marchon, which is one of the top three eyewear manufacturers in the industry boasting a partnership with the most trusted and world-renowned eyewear brands. The creation of the company was inspired by a revolutionary discovery related to NiTiNOL, the metal alloy utilized in missile heat shields. In 1961, US Naval Scientists found out that this material can automatically return to its initial shape even after being bent, flexed, or twisted. During the mid-1980s, Marchon started to experiment with the Flexon material in crafting optical frames, which was not easy because it could not be processed, plated or welded. Nevertheless, Marchon patented the material and in 1988 presented its new one-of-a-kind eyewear collection under the new brand name Flexon.

In 1997, the young brand launched its Junior's collection that offered highly durable and fashion-forward frames for kids, and which made Flexon popular worldwide. In six years, the company created its iconic 600 series collection which was destined to become the benchmark for the competitors. In 2014, Flexon introduced the Evolution Eyewear that featured eminent and complex designs; with adding Sun and Black Collections in 2016 and 2019, correspondingly. Today, Flexon is one of the most innovative and sought-after eyewear manufacturers in the world that constantly pushes the envelope through unique designs, cutting-edge materials and reliable constructions.