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Products: 124 of 4922


The story of the Armani brand, one of the world's leading fashion brands, is the story of a man - Giorgio Armani, who is called the godfather of Italian fashion. The story of his success consists of the constant search, inspiration, phenomenal perseverance and hard work.Since the first collection, which appeared in 1974, and to this day, clothes and accessories manufactured under the brand Giorgio Armani, meet the basic concept of this fashion house with key features such as simplicity and elegance. The perfect fit and excellent fabric quality give Giorgio Armani products a unique style that combines sophisticated luxury and comfort. Today, the company represents many lines that are often known as separate brands. Luxury clothing line is represented under the Giorgio Armani brand. Collections from this line are shown on the catwalks of Paris, New York, London or Milan, and the high price of the products implies their perfect quality. The Emporio Armani brand also appears at Haute Couture Weeks, but includes youth-oriented clothing.

Giorgio Armani New Normal FW 19-20 Optical Campaign

The Armani Exchange apparel is designed for a wide range of customers, which does not reduce the quality of products. Clothing and accessories from this series are sold at fairly affordable prices, allowing fans of the brand to join the world of fashion. In the names of other lines, the “Armani” component also unmistakably indicates their relationship with the original Giorgio Armani brand. Giorgio Armani is always the standard of style and quality. Maestro has always set himself high standards for creating excellence Now Armani fashion house is famous for its perfumes, clothing and accessories. Every year, new collections of fashionable clothes go out, and fashionistas around the world flaunt in Giorgio Armani elegant accessories.


Giorgio Armani is a known Italian brand, which is one of the largest and most influential companies that determine the development of fashion trends for the whole world. Among world-famous fashion houses, Giorgio Armani always occupied a special place. It can hardly be called simply a brand, rather Armani is a lifestyle. Clothing, cosmetics, perfumes and much more have long become a fashion icon. "Simplicity and nothing more!". With this slogan, Giorgio Armani determined the path of development of his business and was not mistaken. Now the products of his brand are imperishable classics of the entire beauty industry.

Giorgio Armani Eyewear

The brand produces a great number of goods, from clothing line to home accessories, but all these segments have their own names, for example, glasses and frames are produced under the Armani Occhiali brand, and home goods - Armani Casa. At the same time, the high quality and style of the product remains unchanged, so those who value their comfort and are versed in fashion are willingly buying it in many countries of the world. Armani’s marvelous style cannot be described as classic or modern. The Emporio Armani brand has become a completely unique phenomenon and with time it attracts more and more dedicated fans. Armani is associated with quality, sophistication and everlasting style of clothes, jewelry and many more.


Success came to Giorgio Armani rapidly, almost immediately after the brand appearance in 1975. Few people know that Giorgio Armani, one of the founders of the brand, was initially going to devote himself to an occupation that was incredibly far from fashion - he wanted to be a doctor, and studied medicine at the University of Bologna for two years. However, he quickly realized that his vocation was completely different, and gradually changed his occupation. In 1961, he began working with Nino Cherutti, a well-known fashion designer of those years, and 13 years later he created his first own collection. Finally, in 1975, with the support of his friend Sergio Galeotti, he founded the company under his name, and Galeotti became its financial manager.

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Along with the opening of the brand, Armani launches women's and men's collections. An immediate success inspired Armani to expand production and to open several stores in Europe. Giorgio Armani is not only a talented designer, but also a gifted businessman, so in 1978 he entered into an agreement giving the right to invest in new companies. Even before the beginning of the eighties, Giorgio Armani became a successful brand, there were lines of children's clothing, underwear, swimwear and accessories. In the eighties, Giorgio Armani entered the international market by opening a representative office in Japan.

The company began to expand quite quickly, and by the beginning of the XXI century, it already held a leading position in the fashion industry. Apparently, the brand owed its rapid success to the main principle - minimalism: Armani wanted to bring comfort and elegance to life, which at the same time did not contain anything superfluous, and he brilliantly succeeded. The philosophy of conciseness is embodied in all segments of the brand. Giorgio Armani is known for collaboration with various brands and experiments with new directions. So there were clothing lines for skiing and winter sports, watches, jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes. Together with Reebok, a collection of fashionable sportswear was released. Emporio Armani Sportbike was created in collaboration with Bianchi. Giorgio Armani brand introduced the stylish Emporio Armani Night Effect mobile phone in partnership with the electronics giant Samsung.

Being a very multi-faceted talented person Armani also personally created exclusive interior designs. In 1987, thanks to a collaboration with Luxottica Group S.P.A. the line of designer optics was launched. Most frames are made from durable yet incredibly lightweight titanium. It is a reliable and durable material, widely used in the manufacture of high-quality glasses. Also, the masters of the brand offer elegant models from almost weightless plastic or stainless steel. The combination of such materials and sophisticated design makes frames extremely popular.