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Götti Switzerland Eyewear Collection

Götti is a Swiss eyewear brand. During its history, it managed not only to firmly establish itself as one of the brightest representatives of the optical industry but also to introduce a number of innovations, without which modern life would not be so bright. Eyeglass and sunglasses frames from this brand inspire you to create your own style in glasses. Classic and unique shapes, iconic and graceful features, self-confidence, and functionality - a reflection of the brand's ideals. The luxurious look of products from the Switzerland collection did not prevent the brand from maintaining affordable prices for mass models, so not only influencers but also representatives of the middle class confessed their love for it.

Götti Switzerland Eyewear Collection

The Switzerland collection is presented in a variety of shapes and colors, thanks to which everyone will find the perfect option for themselves. Safe materials used in the production of glasses and frames guarantee high-quality, comfortable, and long-term operation. To create interpretations of traditional eyewear, Götti products have truly come out on top with their creative approach to products. Models combined design and functionality. A great example of such a mix is a Drabik eyeglass model, made of durable titanium. Titanium has great advantages as a material for eyewear: It is very light and skin-friendly. The frames are produced by leading manufacturers in Japan. For the fans of monobrow eyewear, Götti has also prepared the Allidly Aviator-shaped model.

Götti Switzerland Sunglasses

The position of the Götti brand from the very beginning has received worldwide recognition as a trademark with a strong connotation. This alternative, non-conformist brand immediately carved its own niche. When releasing the Switzerland collection, the brand was sure that it would become a must-have among not only fashionistas but also ordinary people who appreciate style. During the development of the line, models were created that differ in their design, but are united by high quality. The Bloom and Daza models are different and similar at the same time: the first pair of glasses has a thick full-rim round frame, made of genuine buffalo horn; and the second product is elegant and feminine titanium glasses with an additively manufactured inlay. But they both tell the story of Götti in the same way.

Götti Switzerland Frames

Based on its growing identity and positioning, Götti has reinvented itself over the years, evolving from a mere eyewear brand to a true lifestyle benchmark. The main credo of Götti is frames for those who value individuality more than just a name of a brand. Creating and honing its style, it does not look back at world-famous trademarks, interpreting fashion trends in its way. The main commandments of style are the creation of noticeable, recognizable frames, without excessive pretentiousness, the purpose of which is to distinguish their owners from people in the crowd, to make them look back and admire. That is why only concise products can be found in the Switzerland collection, and among them is the stunning sunglass model named Dillon - this is an Aviator-shaped item made of lightweight titanium – a true modern classic. It is also available as prescription glasses.

A competent management policy from the very foundation of the Götti brand has made it possible to bring the company to the global level and gain the love of people around the world. A distinctive feature of optical collections is the constant updating of the model range, taking into account the latest fashion trends. Switzerland is a universal collection, for men and women, for those who always strive to look stylish and confident, regardless of age and occasion. This is the leading Swiss brand on the optical market, which gained recognition due to the high quality of its products, the variety of models of sunglasses and medical frames, as well as affordable prices. Thanks to its founders, the trademark is radically different from the standards of fashion.