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Harley Davidson Eyeglasses

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At the turn of the century, a fantastic invention - the bicycle - swept across America. This inspired young people William Harley and Arthur Davidson to think about improving the new vehicle. Their dream was to build a motorized bicycle that would allow people to travel reliably as fast as the technology of the time could afford. 
With the help of their older brothers, they dismantled their first three motorcycles in 1903. The first Harley-Davidson had a single-cylinder engine, pedals and a leather drive belt. To get under way, a rider had to pedal and only then the engine started to work and the newly created miracle of technology increased speed. This is how the history of the brand known and beloved among motorists and motorcyclists began. In 1910, the famous company logo appeared along with the new engine patents. 

Nowadays, in addition to motorcycles, the brand produces high-quality clothing and accessories, including glasses, all with the same recognizable and daring brand logo. 
Harley-Davidson eyeglasses are just the perfect accessory. Thanks to their modern design, quality materials and a comfortable fit, they can be worn all day long: both during leisure and for working days. The versatility and excellent quality of Harley-Davidson glasses will be highly appreciated by every lover of practical and reliable eyewear. 
Lightweight plastic, stainless steel, carbon - all the newest materials are skillfully used to create classic silhouettes with a discreet design, embellished with the brand logo.