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Harley Davidson Sunglasses

Harley-Davidson is a legendary brand that has long been involved in more than just creation of iconic motorcycles. The history of the brand began with two school friends William Harley and Arthur Davidson, who in 1901 assembled the first 167 cc engine for their own boat. Afterwards the motor was installed on the bike, however, the power was not enough for the bike and a couple of years later, driven by enthusiasm, young inventors created the first motorcycle.
William Harley was given the first place in the company name because it was his idea to create a motorcycle. Over the next several years, Harley-Davidson grew and developed - the partners produced three motorcycles in 1904 and seven more the following year. Harley-Davidson was officially incorporated in 1907, and by 1909 it had increased production to about 1,000 motorcycles a year.

Today Harley-Davidson is a thriving company that offers a bunch of other products in addition to "steel horses": shoes, clothes, dishes, various accessories. A special place is occupied by the brand's sunglasses. The classic shapes of products made of stainless steel, carbon fiber and lightweight plastic, restrained design and recognizable brand logo are ideal for creating an image of a free-spirited, self-confident person who is always aimed at conquering new spaces and boldly manifests itself. Laconic design, a successful combination of finishing and textures, a variety of colors and the use of high-strength materials will certainly be appreciated by fans of the brand with a daring recognizable name.