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Lacoste Sunglasses for Men

Lacoste™ - L860S

$108.97 - $110.33

Lacoste™ - L915S

$83.01 - $122.28

Lacoste™ - L916S

$86.87 - $93.37

The legendary crocodile logo, which flaunts on garments, accessories, and sports equipment, made the Lacoste brand one of the most popular and recognizable ones. Founded in the early 40s of the XX century, the company quickly got on its feet and began international expansion. In many ways, the success of Lacoste was predetermined by the founder of the company - a phenomenal tennis player who took seven Grand Slam tournaments and an extraordinary inventor with dozens of patents. An innovator in spirit, René Lacoste was the one who revolutionized the tennis apparel of the time, designing the first three-button turtleneck polo shirt, which he wore himself on the court.

In the 70s, Lacoste began to produce shirts, T-shirts, cardigans, sweaters, perfumes, fashionable shoes and leather accessories, as well as watches. All Lacoste products are still in demand today because they are thought out to the smallest detail for unrivaled comfort. In clothing, simple knitwear is replaced by fashionable expensive fabrics, new collections are released, including the Lacoste sunglasses and frames, which combine the brand's long heritage with modern trends. Sunglasses for men showcase effortless sporty French elegance. The brand offers versatile Aviators, original retro frames, classic-style glasses, but casual and sport are the priorities of Lacoste designers.