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Lenton and Rusby Glasses and Eyewear

The brand Lenton and Rusby creates high-quality and stylish frames at acceptable prices because it believes everyone can look great and see well without any worries about the price tag. The company has an interactive microsite where everyone can choose a suitable optical frame to match their taste, needs, and personal requirements. Lenton and Rusby invites contemporary men, women, and kids to dive into its fun-filled and bright world of eye-catching and impressive spectacles crafted by the most talented eyewear masters. Anyone can fill their outfit with joyful, fully-functional, and comfortable glasses without draining their wallets!

Lenton and Rusby

As a proprietary brand of Altair Eyewear, Lenton and Rusby introduces interesting collections of budget-friendly eyeglasses in a great variety of shapes, tones, and styles for men, women, teens, and kids. Thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted from sturdy and top-rated materials, every pair of Lenton and Rusby glasses will deliver fresh looks, fun colors, and incredible functionality. Thanks to affordable prices, this is an ideal variant for those people who are searching for a second pair of back-up frames to replace a lost one or just for a simple and stylish pair of eyeglasses for everyday wearing.


Being a division of Marchon, Altair Eyewear has many proprietary brands in its portfolio, including Lenton and Rusby company. According to this brand’s announcement, it offers the lowest-priced frames designed for modern and energized people of all ages. Lenton and Rusby creates men’s and women’s eyeglasses using a mix of metal and acetate to deliver versatile, eye-catching, and durable frames to match any style and taste. Being clean, contemporary, and simple, the label creates fashionable and fully-functional eyewear for men and women who are searching for classic eyeglasses at an acceptable price to satisfy their vision needs.

About Lenton and Rusby

Modern and impressive collections of eyeglasses from Lenton and Rusby are introduced in a wide range of trendy adult styles and attractive colors to deliver fun. Apart from men’s and women’s frames, the brand creates fashionable collections for kids who want to look stylish and cool just like their parents. Anyone can find a perfect optical frame at an affordable price from a great assortment of eyewear from Lenton and Rusby. The company uses the latest technologies, experienced craftsmanship, and durable materials to create eye-catching and comfortable eyeglasses to suit any occasion perfectly.


Altair Eyewear is a famous brand that develops the newest eyewear technologies and includes several proprietary brands in its portfolio like Kilter, Genesis, Altair Evolution, Sunlites, and Lenton and Rusby. Being a division of Marchon Eyewear that manufactures high-quality sunwear and eyewear, Altair is also a subsidiary of VSP Global – a group of leading brands in the world optical industry. Lenton and Rusby is a young brand that has recommended itself on the market as a well-known company that offers durable and stylish eyeglasses for modern people of all ages who are looking for eyewear at an acceptable price.

History of Lenton and Rusby

In August 2020, the division of Marchon Eyewear, Altair Eyewear, Inc., and a subsidiary of VSP Global company announced a new brand, Lenton and Rusby. This label offered the lowest price frames in Altair’s portfolio. Being a new but popular company, Lenton and Rusby creates interesting collections of trendy and lightweight glasses for men, women, and kids to satisfy every family member's taste and requirements. Every spectacle is made with meticulous attention to detail to deliver high-quality, fully-functional, and comfortable frames offered in a wide assortment of various sizes, impressive colors, and interesting shapes.