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McAllister Glasses and Eyewear

The brand McAllister was established by a famous founder of American optometry, John McAllister who had a great passion for everything he did and never gave up on his long way. This is a well-known company with a rich and bright history that was added to the Altair Eyewear brand in 2021 to create authentic and high-quality optical frames, honoring the McAllister traditions as well as using the newest techniques. John was an innovator who always followed his goals to provide wearers with top-rated glasses for effective vision correction. The brand continues the creator’s traditions and offers refined and durable spectacles that will never go out of fashion.

McAllister Introducing

McAllister introduces its plant-based resin collection of eyeglasses made from a natural bio-based plastic. This is a storing, durable, and weightless material that is a cleaner and smarter alternative to standard plastics used in eyewear manufacturing. The company is a partner of the global network trained and certified by Pragati – a well-known organization whose goal is to reduce environmental impact and improve life's quality by using natural and recyclable materials. McAllister is true to its long and interesting history and designs its unique and fashionable eyewear collections following the wearers’ vision needs and personal requirements.


In 2021, the well-known division of Marchon Eyewear and a subsidiary brand of VSP Global, Altair added McAllister as a new proprietary label for its portfolio where it has many other famous brands like Anne Klein, bebe, Draper James, Kilter, etc. The McAllister company features distinctive and stylish eyewear crafted from a mix of top-rated metal and handmade acetates to deliver durable and impressive spectacles. A team of professional masters pays enormous attention to detail and uses only the latest technologies to deliver trendy and interesting eyewear to honor the brand’s creator, John McAllister who always thought out of the box.

About McAllister

Original styles, unique shapes, excellent colors, and superior materials are the main features of eyewear designed by McAllister. The target audience of the brand is people aged 18-35 who value modern and refined frames inspired by the famous optometrist John McAllister. The company is focused on individual details to create exceptional optical glasses to correct vision as well as be a notable accessory for any contemporary wardrobe. Each pair of elegant and classic frames from McAllister provides a precise fit, wonderful comfort, excellent durability, and unparalleled functionality to serve you for many years.


In 1775, the future founder of the McAllister brand, John McAllister left Scotland and moved to America. In 1799, he opened the first optical shop in Philadelphia, USA. After the war of 1812, in 1815, John started his own production of silver and gold frames. With his son John Jr., McAllister began to import cylindrical lenses to help people correct astigmatism. In 1830, John McAllister passed away and left the family business to his son, who then left the company to his son William. The company was renamed and started to call William Y. McAllister & Co.

History of McAllister

The family business continued for five generations and grew from spectacle manufacturing to optometry. Thanks to John McAllister and his famous brand, Philadelphia is marked as the birthplace of optometry. In 2010, the famous company Marchon acquired the rights to the McAllister label to create distinctive and fully-functional collections of optical glasses for men and women. The McAllister brand embraces individuality and stays connected to its historical roots while moving forward with new technologies to offer high-quality frames. In 2021, McAllister gets its legacy reborn to design impressive and durable eyeglasses for modern wearers who are searching for superior comfort and precise fit.