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Nine West Glasses and Eyewear

It is difficult to find a higher quality, comfortable and affordable alternative to shoes like those produced by the Nine West brand.
The company was formed in 1978 by Jerome Fischer and Vince Camuto and initially specialized in the production of women's shoes. In those years, entrepreneurs owned two shoe companies - Fisher Camuto Corporation and Jervin Inc. Even before the establishment of their headquarters in New York, they became one of the largest importers of leather goods and footwear production, which was carried out in Brazilian factories.
In the 90s, Fischer and Kamuto combined both firms to create a brand called Nine West, which is now a globally renowned fashion wholesale and retail company.

The Nine West catalog contains comfortable and extravagant shoes, women's ready-to-wear, various interesting models of bags, watches, glasses and other goods. The brand does not pass by collaborations with famous designers and celebrities, releasing capsule collections of glasses, accessories and shoes. When it comes to eyewear collections, Nine West is a timeless, classic design with a touch of vintage, vibrant colors and a variety of styles. Positioning the woman as a passionate and lively nature, Nine West boldly mixes greens, reds and pinks with blacks and tortoiseshell shades, emphasizing the depth and ambiguity of the female character. You can also find silhouettes that reflect the tenderness and soft charm of feminine nature.


Nine West is a famous shoe brand. This brand designs, manufactures and successfully sells collections of high quality fashionable footwear, gorgeous clothes and luxurious accessories on the world fashion market. The brand got its name in honor of the company's first address in New York - 9 West 57th Street. At the beginning of its activity, in the seventies, the main production was located in Brazil, which made it possible to supply quality footwear at very low prices. The perfect combination of high quality, affordable price and great design has allowed the brand to consolidate its fashion status as a luxury brand and gain its audience of fans.

Of course, the Nine West brand is most associated with a variety of quality footwear, the demand for which is easy to explain - what other brand can boast such an assortment and unique details? The brand actively uses embroidery, high-quality metal accessories, floral, animal and avant-garde prints, embossing, feathers, decorative perforation and other techniques. The brand inspires and supports women, helping them to reveal their nature and the best qualities of their appearance with collections of charming glasses that embrace all modern trends and styles.


The history of the Nine West brand began in the late 70s of the last century. The company was originally named after the founders of Fisher and Camuto, who established the supply of quality, but cheap shoes from Brazil to America. Fisher Camuto Corporation developed successfully and soon entrepreneurs were able to buy out another company - Jervin Inc. This company was engaged in the supply of more branded footwear from the same Brazil. In the 90s, Fischer and Camuto merged the two companies into one and opened their first store at 9 West 57th street - hence the name of the new brand Nine West.

In just a few years, Nine West has grown to become one of the most successful shoe brands in the United States. The demand for this brand's shoes is easy to explain. It was difficult to find a higher quality and more convenient analog of Nine West. The shoes were made in Brazil from leather and were of high quality and comfort. In the shoe collections of the brand, special attention is drawn to the retro style of the 70s - bright colors and cowboy motifs were to the liking of buyers who always try to look not only fashionable and stylish but even bold and a little perky. The range of the company includes both casual shoes and shoes for formal events. In the late 90s, the brand began its penetration into other branches of fashion production. So, since 1995, collections of women's clothing have appeared on the shelves of Nine West brand stores. And a little later, sunglasses, hosiery, hats, and other goods of excellent quality and affordable prices were presented to the attention of buyers.

Nine West is a brand that has established itself as a manufacturer of very high-quality shoes, apparel, and accessories that are suitable for all occasions.