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Ralph Lauren Glasses and Eyewear

Ralph Lauren™ - RA4136

$76.36 - $79.05

Ralph Lauren™ - RA4134

$73.18 - $76.36

Ralph Lauren eyewear crafted by the well-known iconic designer, combines timeless looks with a modern twist. Durable and eye-catching Ralph Lauren optical frames and sunglasses for men and women are spirited with the American lifestyle. Elegant men’s eyeglasses and iconic women’s eyeglasses look cool, energetic, simple, and extravagant at the same time. Ralph Lauren collections include a wide selection of high-quality frames in classic colors to match any contemporary outfit.

Update your wardrobe with a pair of Ralph Lauren oval prescription glasses for men with a touch of sophisticated and elegant style. Weighless and impressive aviator eyeglasses will provide a timeless and interesting look to finish any outfit with the prep-inspired style of the famous brand. Pay attention to Ralph Lauren women’s cat-eye prescription spectacles crafted from durable acetate and weightless metal to fill your image with a playful and feminine look.

RALPH LAUREN | A Cinematic Vision of Style

Every pair of Ralph Lauren men's sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun as well as provide a special style, completing your wardrobe perfectly. Select from Ralph Lauren kid’s shades in various shapes, including browline, rectangle, wayfarer, and many others. Discover impressive Ralph Lauren women’s sunnies of interesting geometric, butterfly, square shapes, etc. Choose a pair to match your taste and individual style to deliver unparalleled comfort and incredible durability.

Crafted in the iconic American style, Ralph Lauren eyewear for men and women features simple lines, timeless styles, eye-catching shapes, and iconic designs. Complete your wardrobe with a pair of vintage or classic Ralph Lauren frames crafted meticulously by the best masters from the famous American fashion house. Choose an eye-catching accessory from the current Ralph Lauren eyewear collection to suit your style perfectly. All frames come in a wide choice of colors and sizes to provide a perfect match and precise fit to every modern man or woman.


It is absolutely impossible to imagine the world of fashion without mentioning the name of Ralph Lauren. A talented and bright personality, the founder of the main trends in clothing and interior, as well as one of the most successful businessmen of our time, the man from the richest list according to Forbes, a designer without whom the fashion world would have looked completely different, a legend for many generations - it's all about Ralph Lauren. Even people far from the fashion industry heard about history and achievements of the brand's founder. For decades men appreciated the everlasting classic blazers or neat polo shirts from Ralph Lauren while women willingly appear in his creations on the red carpet to this day. The fashion brand was born back in 1967 thanks to the bright mind of his ambitious founder.

Ralph Lauren Eyewear

The history of the legendary brand Polo Ralph Lauren began with a small collection of ties. Today, this brand represents classic things with a sporting character that are worn by top officials and students. The ideal balance of comfort and timeless elegance, coupled with premium quality - the main components of the aesthetics of the male line. It presents basic and sport items, iconic polo shirts and knitwear, denim and outerwear, urban shoes and image accessories. The base palette is impressive. Bright colors are balanced by traditional decor - texturing, prints and embroidery with the brand's symbols. Women's collections with an eclectic design that combines classic, sporty and casual chic. Premium fabrics, a mixed palette and unobtrusive decor are used for all basic lines. For elegant and democratic looks, Polo Ralph Lauren has a huge selection of knitwear and knitted pullovers, blouses and shirts, pants and skirts, denim and sportswear, as well as dresses and conservative outerwear. Accessories are represented by eyewear, hats, bags, gloves and belts.


The future designer was born in 1939. His parents were intellectuals: mother was a French teacher, father was a talented artist. From childhood, little Ralph dreamed of a beautiful life and loved art in all its manifestations. Ralph has always been attracted to luxury and respectability. As a child, he decided that his career must be vibrant and productive. He paid attention to his style. At the age of 12, he saved money to purchase his first classic English costume to look great and expensive. By the age of 16, he had already decided that he would work in the fashion industry.

Ralph Lauren Frames

Ralph Lauren started his own clothing company with the manufacture of premium ties. At that time, Lauren ties were valued even by well-known businessmen and politicians, so Loren soon expanded his company and from about that moment the history of the company known to us under the name Polo Ralph Lauren began. Couple of years after the foundation, Ralph Lauren products were exhibited in the Empire State Building and in London fashion houses. The clothes of the brand were appreciated by the Hollywood actors and artists of the Broadway theater. Lauren personally designed clothes for the production of The Great Gatsby, and the famous director Woody Allen staged several plays using exclusively clothes produced by Ralph Lauren.

The brand promotes a casual style that looks calm, restrained and pleasant. Lauren took the clothes of the American aristocracy as a basis, removed pathos and added convenience and simplicity. The fashion house fundamentally uses natural dense fabrics, deep rich colors and a simple cut without abundance of details. Things are distinguished by their laconism and versatility, which makes it easy to combine them one to each other and to look perfect under any circumstances. Lightness and versatility are also reflected in the Ralph Lauren eyewear. Brand accessories make you look stylish, elegant and superior while protecting your eyes from ultraviolet rays. A large assortment of women's and men's sunglasses and eyeglasses are offered under the brand's name including Aviators, Wayfarers, Cat-eyes and many more.