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Saint Laurent 2023 Eyewear Collection

Saint Laurent™ - SL 564

$337.50 - $378.75

The history of the brand Saint Laurent is complex and multifaceted. At the age of 17, a whole new world opened up to its founder, Saint Laurent, when his mother took him to Paris for an audience with Michael de Brunhoff, editor of the French Vogue magazine. The editor also introduced Saint Laurent to designer Christian Dior, a unique personality in the fashion world. Under Dior's tutelage, Saint Laurent's magnificent style became more and more honed and deserved more attention. Money and freedom soon presented Saint Laurent with a unique opportunity. In collaboration with his partner and lover Pierre Berge, the designer decided to open his own fashion house. With the advent of pop culture and a general yearning for original and new designs, Saint Laurent's work was admired by everyone.

Saint Laurent 2023 Eyewear Collection

The founder of Saint Laurent was only 21 years old when the company of the same name was created, and by this time he already had experience working with eminent creators and fashion designers. Today the brand is associated with the highest quality and is one of the world trendsetters. The collection of sunglasses and frames Saint Laurent 2023 embodies the brand's vision of impeccably stylish accessories designed to enhance your features and improve any look. Products of the line for the coming year differ in some features. First of all, it is a wide range. You can choose from classic models, such as the full-rim version of the SL M109/F, as well as unusual individual solutions with original frames, such as the Cat-Eye model SL 551.

Saint Laurent Eyewear

In Saint Laurent 2023 collection, you can buy both men's sunglasses and products for women, and a variety of palettes for lenses and frames does not depend on gender and will satisfy even the most demanding fashionistas. When creating each product, modern hypoallergenic materials were used, mainly metal or acetate. The production is located in Italy, and special attention is paid to the quality of materials and fittings, which means that all models are characterized by increased strength and durability. A special production technology eliminates the occurrence of distortion and maintains the clarity of view. Wearing Saint Laurent eyewear means exuding charisma and charm, as well as enjoying a product made from first-class materials and advanced manufacturing techniques.

Saint Laurent Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

Saint Laurent products are renowned for their upscale and contemporary style and stand out in the world of optics for their captivating and sophisticated personality. The SL 557 SHADE women's sunglasses in acetate with gray lenses are special and sophisticated and can be worn elegantly on any occasion. The color of these charismatic, versatile, and indispensable glasses adapts to any style and makes them timeless. In addition, the strength of materials and design measures guarantee excellent functionality of the sunglasses and long service life. The SL 560 model has a classic square shape, which is universal and fits almost any type of face. These sunglasses are simple, elegant, and sophisticated, and their details are very precise.

The fine design solution, high-tech production, and quality control - all provide unsurpassed comfort and reliability of Saint Laurent frames. Lenses are always fitted tightly. The loops of the temples are firmly fixed with screws that are securely set into the holes. The range of Saint Laurent eyewear in the 2023 collection is huge. Therefore, each consumer can choose exactly those sunglasses and frames that best meet his or her needs. If you want to take a break from pretentiousness, pay attention to the SL M113 product, which stands out for its simplicity and minimalism. They sit perfectly on the face. A person does not experience any inconvenience when wearing them. This option is ideal for those who are looking for a simple but at the same time fashionable frame.