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Smith Glasses and Eyewear

Smith™ - Agency

$91.26 - $109.64

Smith™ - As Io Mag

$125.13 - $140.14

Smith™ - Attack

$129.63 - $158.64

Smith™ - Ballpark

$66.5 - $81.46

Smith™ - Barra

$89.5 - $109.64

Smith™ - Basecamp

$87.09 - $104.63

Smith™ - Bauhaus

$49.5 - $64.5

Smith™ - Cashout

$61 - $74.73

Smith™ - Cavalier

$91.26 - $109.64

Smith was founded in 1965 in the USA with the invention of the first-ever goggles created with sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam. The brand is now known for its numerous lines of ski goggles and helmets for snowboarding and motorsport, tactical protective glasses, and fashionable quality sunglasses and prescription eyewear. The brand's products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide, and more than half a century of experience allows the Smith Optics brand to set global standards and trends in eyewear.

The combination of high technology, style, and quality has always been a top priority for Smith. Always devoted to excellence, innovation, and performance, Smith has become the choice of professional sportsmen around the world, as well as ordinary modern urban dwellers who prefer quality accessories designed for chilling out in big cities. Smith creates sunglasses and frames for men, women, and kids with a focus on safety and hypoallergenic materials. Smith has taken the design concept to the next level so that the brand's products are not only excellent in appearance but also surprisingly durable and practical, they are comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

Pursue Your Thrill - Summer

The brand is famed for bringing innovative technologies into the market. In particular, the unique ChromaPop lens manufacturing technology is known for guaranteeing high-quality vision and color perception. Scientifically, ChromaPop technology is the world's most advanced polarizing lens technology. It is based on the absence of film, which optimizes color perception and improves visual clarity. Smith Optics innovations also include branded interlock sunglasses with interlock lenses. The brand's sunglasses are high-tech, featuring lenses that are coated with a special coating that gives excellent protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Smith Optics is well known for its patented Slider and PivLock series sunglasses, the most innovative interchangeable sunglasses. Materials developed by the brand itself are used to make innovative eyewear lines. The designers of this brand carefully select the color and shape of each model, making the research and tests in real conditions. Dozens of years of the brand's experience allow the company to create glasses with a perfect fit - wearing these glasses, their owner immediately forgets about them as they are so comfortable and lightweight.


An orthodontist by profession and a passionate skier at the same time, Robert Smith designed and produced with his own hands the first sealed thermal lens and goggles with breathable ventilation foam. That was an innovative decision as previously, winter sports goggles were much less comfortable and fogged up, which created great inconvenience to skiers on the slopes. Following the success of his idea, Smith founded a company and began producing new glasses and other sports equipment.

Smith Frames

Smith Optics is now one of the largest companies in the world engaged in the development, production and sale of optical sports equipment. It produces helmets, masks, sunglasses and other optics for outdoor enthusiasts and military: motor sports, snowmobiling, various types of sports tourism, for winter hunting and fishing. In addition to glasses, the company produces accessories for various sports and recreation. The modern spirit and technically innovative content are the main characteristics of this brand. Smith models are dedicated to a new generation of shoppers who want to showcase their exceptional style in the world of extreme sports living in the rhythm of metropolitan areas. The Smith Optics brand offers a huge selection of sunglasses and eyeglasses models including those with mirrored lenses, rimless or semi-rim variants that are made of high-end materials and are at the cutting edge of fashion.


Smith Optics was founded in the United States. It is known for optics designed to give comfort and excellent vision. For many years, Smith has been manufacturing ski goggles. The story began in 1965 when an American orthodontist Robert Smith who at the same time was the lover of mountain skiing decided to improve constantly fogging ski goggles that prevent full descent down the slope. He created ski masks with double glasses from improvised materials right in his office. Doctor’s glasses became the opening of the season. Since then, the company has been a leader in the manufacture of equipment for athletes.

Smith Eyewear

Today, the company is known not only for ski masks, but also for sunglasses, lenses and helmets. Smith Optics sunglasses protect eyes from UV rays 100% and provide contrasting vision while preserving the naturalness of colors. Frames are made of non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials - plastic and metal. At the same time, brand accessories look aesthetically pleasing becoming a universal complement to anyone's look.

In the Smith range of sunglasses, you can find your favorite mirrored lens products, semi-rimless models, and sports accessories which are extremely durable. Smith uses Techlight technology to manufacture polarized lenses for sharper and clearer vision. And with a special hydroleophobic lens coating repelling moisture, dirt and grease, these fantastic glasses protect eyes even better. Decent quality and elegant design make brand’s accessories indispensable on sunny days.