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Smith Sunglasses

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Products: 124 of 505


Check out a great designer collection of sunglasses for men and women from the well-known eyewear brand Smith Optics which belongs to Safilo group. The company is known for its numerous patented innovations and cutting-edge designs and was established in 1965 by Dr Bob Smith, an orthodontist and a big ski lover who developed the first sealed thermal lens. Smith is the one of the trustworthy eyewear manufacturers which specializes in production of sunglasses, prescription frames, protective goggles for sports, sports apparel, accessories and others.

From the very start till the current time Smith is dynamically evolving, using the highest innovative technologies such as advanced polarized lens technology ChromaPop™ and Aerocore™ technology. Now Smith is one the most important brand names internationally known for its impeccable quality and durability of eyewear confirmed due to numerous tests in the most extreme conditions all over the globe. The brand launches new revolutionary designs and relaunches old iconic style sunglasses such as Wayfarer, Browline or Aviator. Smith sunglasses combine fine quality innovative materials, unmatched elegant design, durability, practicality and comfort. They perfectly fit and bring the wearer feeling of individuality and style - everything which is expected from the respected high-tech brand with a long history.  If you're committed to excellence and searching particular models from traditionally looking square, round or rectangle classic shapes to oversized shield variants - Smith gives you lots of thoroughly constructed frames, made from a row of lightweight high grade materials, with the lenses of gradient, mirrored or solid finishes in all possible colors and hues.