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Sunlites Glasses and Eyewear

Headquartered in Rancho Cordova, CA, United States, Altair Eyewear works in the Health and Personal Care Stores Industry. Launched by VSP in 1992, this company has a great portfolio of its own proprietary brands, including Cole Haan, McAllister, Otis and Piper, Lenton and Rusby, Sunlites, and many others. In 25 years, Altair has grown into one of the biggest eyewear companies in the United States. Being a division of Marchon eyewear, Altair is a professional brand in the worldwide optical industry that offers high-quality and trendy collections of durable, lightweight, and comfortable glasses for contemporary wearers.


Sunlites is a brand from the Altair portfolio that offers top-rated and versatile collections of prescription glasses for men and women who prefer classic lines, timeless styles, and excellent comfort. Superior materials, experienced craftsmanship, and modern technologies are the main characteristics of eyewear manufactured by Sunlites with attention and care to every detail. The brand offers unique frames available with rimless magnetic clip-on lenses that allow a wearer to switch easily between eyeglasses and shades without the need to buy a second pair for sun protection. The Innovative and impressive line All About Eyes from Altair Sunlites will shift your expectations about modern eyewear!


Did you know that your eyes can get damaged by the sun not only in summer but also in winter? For example, fresh snow reflects about 80% of harmful UV rays, so if you like snowboarding, sledding, skiing, or just walking a lot on sunny winter days, it’s important to protect your vision with a pair of unique prescription shades introduced by the well-known brand Sunlite. This company works under Altair Eyewear and creates excellent collections of men’s and women’s glasses to satisfy their vision needs as well as deliver appropriate UV protection.

The brand uses only high-quality materials to create durable frames that include an options package of three magnetic clip-on lenses: a polarized clip that provides more clear vision, protects your eyes from UV rays, and filters glare perfectly; a 3D clip that allows wearers to watch 3D movies – it means you don’t have to wear uncomfortable 3D glasses in the cinema; and a contrasting clip that features an anti-reflective coating to provide unmatched protection from glare in low-light conditions. Innovative glasses from Altair Sunlite are a great option for many modern men and women who prefer comfort and versatility paired with the highest quality.


A proud history of Altair Eyewear includes brave plans, ambitious ideas, new technologies, and a great portfolio of proprietary brands, including Anne Klein, Draper James, Spyder, Kilter, Cole Haan, Sunlites, and many others. Launched in 1992 by VSP, Altair became a well-known company that provides high-quality eyewear for those wearers who look for versatility, comfort, and durability. Being an innovative and unique lineup of eyewear from Altair, Sunlites glasses are made for those people who care about their eyes every day. Timeless and distinctive collections from Sunlites are popular among contemporary men and women of all ages.

Thanks to impressive and weightless eyeglasses from Sunlites, switching between a pair of prescription glasses and shades is not so painful now! Each spectacle is available with magnetic clips custom-fit to every style of Sunlites to deliver a great fit and match your taste perfectly. With these optical glasses, it’s getting so simple to protect your eyes without any problems. Interlocking rimless clips can be attached to the bridge easily, so you can make the transition from optical glasses to sunnies in just a few seconds! It is the best option for people who wear prescription frames but need to switch to sunglasses and back without getting a second pair of eyewear.