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Swarovski Glasses and Eyewear

Swarovski is a world-known company that shines through the ages with its famous sparkling crystals. The line of luxury accessory collections Atelier Swarovski was launched in 2007 to create pieces of art in cooperation with talented designers in architecture, jewelry, and fashion. Every capsuled collection of this brand celebrates the potential of Swarovski stones and contains a unique touch of each designer. 

During the work, a brand cooperated with many prominent designers, including Christopher Kane, Jason Wu, and Mary Katranzou. Each of these fashion people has put their own views on the line, for example, Katranzou used colorful crystals and geometric forms to produce the inspired Nostalgia collection. Bold designs feature a bunch of colors of sparkling Swarovski stones, making the whole collection special and very bright. As for Jason Wu, he used champagne and clear crystals with little pearls for the Mosaic collection that includes excellent accessories filled with wonderful shimmering and charm. With Christopher Kane, the company has launched a bright collection of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and necklaces with electric blue and bright fuchsia stones.  


Swarovski brand was founded by Daniel Swarovski and has produced its famous crystal couture jewelry since 1985. Nowadays, being a creative leader in the art of crystal innovations and stone cutting, the company produces items for home decoration, sparkling jewelry, and impressive accessories, including eyewear collections. Swarovski cooperates with fashion insiders, designers, and other famous talents to create fabulous collections of jewelry and accessories, for example, Anna Dello Russo, Penelope Cruiz, Mary Katranzou, etc. Any woman who prefers sophisticated and luxury elements combined with a sparkling dazzle in feminine style will find her favorite accessories and other items in a wide selection of impressive collections.

Every pair of stunning Swarovski glasses is a masterpiece that attracts attention with its eye-catching opulent crystal decoration, unusual frames, a variety of colors, and interesting designs. Manufactured in Italy from the best materials by the most skilled masters, eyewear collections combine premium quality and outstanding design in every product. This is a famed brand for stylish and fashionable women who want to stand out from the crowd with sparkling, elegant, and opulent accessories. Any lady can feel like a princess from a fairy tale that shines brightly wearing a pair of unique and playful glasses with the brilliant sparkle of Swarovski crystals.


Swarovski is well-known all over the world brand from Austria that has been making their famed crystals since 1985, and in 2007, the great-great-granddaughter of a celebrated founder Daniel Swarovski, Nadia launched the Atelier Swarovski line. This brand produces its capsule collections embellished with sparkling stones in direct collaboration with famous designers. A company creates impressive jewelry, stunning accessories, and exclusive items for home decor. During the work, Swarovski collaborated with inspired and celebrated designers from across the globe, including Jason Wu, Mary Katranzou, and Christopher Kane. Each of these persons has put their exclusive designs in a brand's collections of dazzling accessories, extraordinary jewelry, and covetable homeware items.

Since 2018, Swarovski has been working with Penelope Cruz who introduced the Botanical Jewels and Moonsun collections that contain elegant dazzling pieces of jewelry to be perfect accessories for fashionable women. 

At the beginning of 2018, Swarovski introduced its first eyewear collection crafted by the Italian company Marcolin Group. The 2020 Eyewear Collection is made from lightweight and durable materials and includes opulent glasses decorated with eye-catching colorful crystals to become a favorite accessory for fashionistas all over the world.