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TLG Glasses and Eyewear

TLG is a house brand of L’Amy America, one of the world’s leading fashion accessory corporations with an impressive portfolio of internationally famous and trusted eyewear brands. With over two hundred years of eyewear manufacturing know-how, L’Amy America can boast of an unparalleled expertise in the international optical industry. Besides TLG, the company designs and develops eyewear for brands such as Champion, Ann Taylor, Canali, New Balance, Ben Sherman, Glamour Editor’s Pick, Sperry, Nicole Miller.

L’Amy America specializes in creating eco friendly sunglasses and optical frames professionally crafted from sustainable and socially conscious materials, without compromising on performance, design or quality. From designing to producing, each and every new frame is the result of a dedicated work of an international team of professionals.  L’Amy America's craftsmen are proud to offer their customers the premium-quality, design-driven and innovative eyewear. The TLG Collection of men’s eyeglasses combines function and technology in a compelling and authentic way.


TLG, an acronym for Thin Light Glasses, is a technically masculine collection from L’Amy America that is designed for elegant and refined men, who appreciate quality, performance and sophisticated details. The frames are made with utilizing innovative materials and latest techniques to be ultra-thin and lightweight. Being 100% titanium, the TLG glasses are nickel-free and hypoallergenic, and are 48% lighter than classic metal frames. The TLG eyewear collection includes two lines: TLG Men’s Ophthalmic and TLG Tailored fit.

The manufacturer offers three unique eyewear concepts — the patented zipper temples, wood temples and integrated spring hinges. Designed specifically for this collection, the zipper temple features a spring hinge without an extra weight due to its pure titanium construction. Wood laminate temples are offered with different layers of wood, each of which gives the frame its authentic look and feel. The customers are welcome to choose from American maple, American or Chinese walnut. The third concept of integrated spring hinge was exclusively designed in order to create a more solid-looking temple without the additional weight.


TLG is a house brand of L’Amy America, which is, in its turn, a wholly- owned subsidiary of International Luxury Group (ILG) – one of the most influential companies specializing in high-end accessories. Besides TLG, L’Amy America possesses a portfolio of globally celebrated brands, including Ann Taylor, Champion, Sperry, New Balance, Vision’s, Nicole Miller, just to name a few. ILG brings together a vast range of accessories, such as leather goods, watches, jewelry and eyewear under one international corporation.

With over 200 years of experience in the eyewear manufacturing industry, L’Amy America has created countless designs and introduced innovative materials and unique eyewear concepts. Today, the manufacturer offers a range of designs from sport to luxury, to kids and specialty sizes. The company has passed all the way from artisanal eyewear manufacture in the 19th century to the wholesale production of premium-quality, contemporary glasses.

The company was established in 1810 by Louis Félix LAMY who was born in Jura, the cradle of French eyewear. The founder was focused on selling eyewear to Italy and Switzerland, which brought the company global success over the years. In 1879, Louis’ grandson, Auguste LAMY joined the family and began distributing their glasses to Australia. In 1883, Auguste opened France’s first innovative, electrified factory, located on Rue Gagneur in Morez. By the end of the 19th century, the company had doubled its workforce.

After the two wars, L’Amy America was making great efforts to revive the once booming business. Now, the company was ruled by two brothers, Robert and Jacques LAMY, who were grandsons of Auguste LAMY. They used the family legacy and expertise to design their own frames and improve the distribution of their authentic collections. In 1970, L’Amy took the leading position in the French eyewear industry, producing 1.2 million pairs of glasses per year with a 75% share of export sales.

Today, the L’Amy Group can boast of a comprehensive portfolio of celebrated brands focusing on two segments: “Lifestyle” and “Fashion.” Specializing in manufacturing glasses under license, L’Amy is one of the last remaining French eyewear makers in existence.