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Tommy Hilfiger Glasses and Eyewear

Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses and frames stand out thanks to their excellent workmanship and the world-famous red, white and blue logo that adorns the temples of every stylish model. A talented self-taught designer with a worldwide reputation, Tommy Hilfiger, who once decided to set off on a free voyage in the ocean of the fashion world, aimed through his creativity to infect everyone with his optimism and convince everyone that clothes should bring pleasure, emphasize individuality, inspire and give confidence. He launched his namesake brand with the intention of designing classically cool, youthful clothing with American pop culture at its heart.

Offering complementary lifestyle products including eyewear, watches, bright and stylish clothing and accessories, the brand is very popular among young people. In its eyewear collections, the brand demonstrates discreet classics and driving sports models, sunglasses of ultra-modern shapes in bright colors that are versatile, comfortable and practical at the same time. Tommy Hilfiger is the choice of active, fashionable, self-confident and ambitious individuals who are accustomed to keeping up with the times and prefer to show up in society.

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The Tommy Hilfiger eyewear line consists of simple and concise sunglasses and frames of classic shapes with a modern twist. Timeless Aviators, bold Wayfarers, flirty Cat-Eyes, as well as a staple of every eyewear collection rectangles and ovals all created with a focus on everyday comfort and quality are an excellent addition to elegant women's outfits, casual men's looks and comfortable kids' clothes. Among Tommy Hilfiger women's sunglasses you will not find either strict classics or glamorous decor. The style of the brand symbolizes freedom and democracy and is very suitable for the fast pace of modern life.

Tommy Hilfiger men's frames feature a simple but attractive design that is balanced by high-quality materials for superb functionality. Only the best modern materials are used in production. Combined high-strength metal and plastic alloys and strict quality control ensure outstanding product reliability. All Tommy Hilfiger glasses, are impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, do not lose color over time and made of durable materials which is especially important for kid's eyeglasses, which are crafted with the utmost care by the brand artisans. The eyewear of the well-known and reputable American designer is designed for everyday life either for wearing in the office or college or during leisure time. Being a very universal and essential accessory, sunglasses and frames from Tommy Hilfiger are the highlight of any ensemble, that add a touch of elegance and exclusivity.


Tommy Hilfiger is a cult American brand that reflects the unique style and energy of business in New York. The main directions of the brand are sports, business, and casual clothes, shoes, perfumes, accessories, and watches. The success story of the brand began in 1969 with the opening of the People's Place boutique, which featured casual wear models. Not having a special education, Tommy Hilfiger independently designed clothing models, possessing a great flair for changing the tastes and preferences of customers. 

Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear

In 1979, the future famous designer moved to New York, where he created his namesake brand. The first individual collection under the new brand was released in 1984 and was accompanied by a powerful advertising campaign. In less than two years, Tommy Hilfiger achieved fame and recognition in the world of New York fashion, and his brand became the new leader in modeling clothes.

Like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger is associated with the preppy style. The so-called style of elite students and graduates of Ivy League universities, which implies a certain elitism. Tommy Hilfiger was one of the pioneers of this trend in fashion having realized what clothes are demanded by high society. He tirelessly created collections consisting of sweaters, vests and knitted cardigans, polo shirts, ties, and knee-highs, as well as sports uniforms for elite sports: lacrosse, golf, tennis. Three corporate colors - blue, white, and red are necessarily present in all designer collections. The refined collections of eyewear are distinguished by impeccable quality, comfort, and versatility of models, reflecting  the modern, all-American style with recognizable brand details.


Tommy Hilfiger is an American company that produces casual clothes, shoes, and accessories with a hint of aristocracy, as well as perfumes and home textiles. The brand's products with the famous red-white-blue logo are the perfect solution for modern people who prefer high-quality and stylish clothes.

Tommy Hilfiger

The history of the brand began in the second half of the last century when a very young future designer began to redo jeans and sell his design version directly from his car. After graduating from high school, he moved to New York and started working for various fashion brands. Working with Jordache, Perry Ellis, and Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger gained experience and dreamed of his own company. Soon his imagination, energy, and desire to create were crowned with success and in 1985 Tommy Hilfiger registered his own brand and created his first collections of stylish casual wear. In 2001, the brand launched the first collection of footwear made exclusively from natural materials. After some time, lines for teenagers and children appeared in the brand's assortment. Watches, various accessories, perfumes, and even home textiles are released under the Tommy Hilfiger label. The brand's eyewear line with its sophistication and elegant chic is designed to emphasize the individuality of its owner and become the final chord in the impeccable look from Tommy Hilfiger.