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Products: 124 of 547


The brand got its name from its creator - fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, who once decided to set off on a free voyage in the ocean of the fashion world. In 1984, a line of menswear was launched, followed by fashionable and stylish clothing for American college students. Only guys from a good family could afford to wear clothes from this line. Gradually, the company begins to gain momentum and a few years later the founder of the brand takes a course in several directions at once, offering clothes for the whole family.

This is how the brand gains a reputation as a manufacturer of elegant women's collections, practical and stylish men's looks, high-quality and comfortable children's clothes. Soon the brand began to expand its assortment and released a line of branded accessories - bags, belts and, of course, glasses became an excellent addition to casual clothes. Tommy Hilfiger eyewear is designed for everyday life either for wearing in the office or college or during leisure time. Being a very universal accessory, nevertheless, they are the highlight of any ensemble, adding a touch of elegance and exclusivity. The eyewear collections are of impeccable quality, comfort, style and practicality.


Tommy Hilfiger is a cult American brand that reflects the unique style and energy of business New York. The main directions of the brand are sports, business and casual clothes, shoes, perfumes, accessories and watches. The success story of the brand began in 1969 with the opening of the People's Place boutique, which featured casual wear models. Not having a special education, Tommy Hilfiger independently designed clothing models, possessing a great flair for changing tastes and preferences of customers. In 1979, the future famous designer moved to New York, where he created his namesake brand. The first individual collection under the new brand was released in 1984 and was accompanied by a powerful advertising campaign. In less than two years, Tommy Hilfiger achieved fame and recognition in the world of New York fashion, and his brand became the new leader in modeling clothes.

Like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger is associated with the preppy style. The so-called style of elite students and graduates of Ivy League universities, which in implies a certain elitism. Tommy Hilfiger was one of the pioneers of this trend in fashion having realized what clothes are demanded by high society. He tirelessly created collections consisting of sweaters, vests and knitted cardigans, polo shirts, ties and knee-highs, as well as sports uniforms for elite sports: lacrosse, golf, tennis. Three corporate colors - blue, white and red are necessarily present in all designer collections. The refined collections of eyewear are distinguished by impeccable quality, comfort, and versatility of models, reflecting the modern, all-American style with recognizable brand's details.