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Tory Burch Glasses and Eyewear

Tory Burch™ - TY7167U

$89.92 - $112.36

Tory Burch™ - TY7168U

$89.92 - $112.36

Tory Burch™ - TY6074

$93.44 - $109.65

Tory Burch™ - TY6076

$100.78 - $108.23

Tory Burch is a young prestigious and very promising brand. Under the brand's name collections of women's clothing, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics and accessories are created. All creations of the brand are considered American classics. The brand is associated with an extra-class lifestyle. Affordable clothing with an American soul featuring impeccable taste and great design is created by talented designer Tory Burch. In her collections she reflected her personal preferences and style.

Tory Burch clothing is for girls or women of any age who value practicality in things and at the same time strive to look stylish and feminine. In the collections of the brand there was also a place for vivid details, interesting prints and decor in the style of the sixties-seventies of the last century.


Tory Burch is an up-and-coming American brand that produces fashionable clothes for women. Behind the brand stands a famous fashion designer, self-made business woman and a philanthropist, who managed to create a multi-million dollar brand in a fairly short period. Her branded clothing is dominated by a classic style that skillfully combines with modern sensuality. Throughout her career, Burch has stayed true to her aesthetic offering sports and casual clothes, footwear, evening dresses and a wide variety of accessories. The company has grown rapidly thanks to its success with accessories. They are distinguished by simplicity and grace, always having some notable elements that give them a special highlight whereby a unique elegant style is created. 

Tory is proud to be ambitious considering this as a part of her resources which helped her to showcase her talents and to prove herself. And she helps other women entrepreneurs to reveal their inner nature and to gain success in any field of their activity. The entrepreneur's design talent played a decisive role in her success story: the Tory Burch brand was appreciated by Oprah Winfrey and other world celebrities. Repeatedly she won prestigious fashion awards for her work and is listed in the first hundred of most powerful women in the world by Forbes.


Tory Burch was born in a wealthy family of the actress, Reva Robinson, and an investor, Buddy Robinson. Childhood was happy for her and for her three brothers who grew up on the farm but had all possibilities to get brilliant education. Tory Burch instilled love to art and fashion from her mother along with exquisite style and irreproachable taste, which subsequently reflected in her work and brought success. Tory was educated at the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied history of art. After graduation, she left her hometown and moved to New York. This decision can be considered the beginning and impetus in her successful career. She began working as a copywriter in Harper's Bazaar magazine and was thinking about creating her own line of brand clothing.

Tory founded her brand in February 2004. Almost all things from the first women's collection were immediately bought up at the store’s opening. Fashion critics noticed the emergence of a new brand. The press covered this event. Frequent interviews and articles were free advertising for the young designer. In September 2011, the Tory Burch brand had its first show and since then the brand has been a constant participant in New York Fashion Week.

The brand expanded adding accessories, jewelry, and shoes to the assortment.  Two years later, Tory established a partnership with cosmetic giant Estée Lauder, and together they launched Tory Burch perfume and beauty collections. The fall of 2014 was remembered for the debut of one more line: this time Burch signed an agreement with Fossil, and as a result her brand acquired its own line of watches. Over the years, many stores have opened all over the world. Tory likes to decorate her models with embroidery, appliques, sequins and rhinestones. Her bags are designed in a sleek, elegant style, they are practical and elegant and amazingly complement the image of a modern woman. The brand's catalogs offer sports and casual wear, evening dresses and a huge variety of accessories, as well as jewelry.