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Vision's Glasses and Eyewear

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Vision's is a L'Amy America collection of optical frames crafted for men and women who like classic looks with a touch of modernity in a wonderful array of colors suitable for any occasion. The brand L'Amy America manufactures eyewear for over two hundred years offering a wonderful selection of spectacles for women and men of sports, casual, and fashion styles designed for modern wearers. Every eyewear frame from this company can complement any outfit with a touch of a personal look.

L'Amy America creates high-quality and innovative optical and sunglass frames to follow the wearers' requirements and needs. From designing and choosing materials, from projecting and manufacturing, there is a dedicated and hard work of a huge team of skilled professionals who are proud to provide clients with comfortable, stylish, and eye-catching accessories. The Vision's collection of prescription glasses for men and women combines modern technologies with excellent functionality.


Vision's is a colorful collection of optical frames from the well-known brand L'Amy America that is made for contemporary and self-confident women and men who prefer simple frames, minimal design, and excellent quality. Each pair of glasses is crafted by talented artisans from durable metal and acetate to provide the perfect fit and excellent comfort during everyday wearing. Vision's eyeglasses are designed in simple shapes with straight lines, using a wide palette of various colors to express the wearer's personality.

L'Amy America creates its beautiful eyewear collections, including Vision's, to offer customers stylish and comfortable frames to express their personality and complete any wardrobe. This company is owned by the International Luxury Group that develops opulent and sophisticated eyewear for many brands, including Ann Taylor, Canali, Champion, Nicole Miller, Sperry, and others. With a variety of fashionable spectacles, L'Amy America provides a great array of different frame styles developed for modern men and women, including casual, sports, and fashion styles.


Being an eye-catching collection of L'Amy America brand, Vision's offers classic eyeglasses in a great choice of colors for modern women and men. If you are looking for a way to express your individuality, pay attention to L'Amy America eyewear collections crafted by the best artisans using the latest technologies. The history of L'Amy started in 1810 in France, Les Rousses with manufacturing eyewear for selling in Switzerland and Italy. Much later, the company started to export its sophisticated glasses to other countries, getting popular all over the world. Its contemporary and refined eyewear is crafted to emphasize the wearer's personal style and complete any outfit.

Nowadays, L'Amy America is one of the famous eyewear manufacturers in France, with a wide range of collections made for other brands, including Nicole Miller, Ann Taylor, Sperry, New Balance, Vision's, etc. Vision's prescription frames are appreciated by modern men and women for their stylish look and a wide palette of colors, excellent fit, durability, and long years of wearing. Made with meticulous attention to detail and crafted by skilled professionals, these eyeglasses offer comfort, perfect vision, and 100% satisfaction to every person.