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Viva Glasses and Eyewear

Viva™ - VV0309

$62.96 - $65.03

Viva™ - VV4026

$62.96 - $63

Viva™ - VV4028

$62.96 - $63

The company Viva was established in 1989 by Harvey Ross and has its design teams in New Jersey and Italy to create around 1,000 designs every year. The manufacturer has many international offices all over the world and distributes eyewear frames in around 90 countries. Brand names include famed companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Ermenegildo Zegna, Givenchy, BONGO, Escada, GUESS, and Harley-Davidson. 

Viva is also a part of the HVHC company, a subsidiary of well-known brand Highmark that provides health insurance services. Giovanni Zoppas, Marcolin’s CEO commented that he’s pleased to join the cooperation with Viva, and this unit will bring many benefits to both clients and brands, creating a global company in the eyewear industry. As for the HVHC, its current CEO and President David Holmberg is looking forward to a fruitful and strong business relationship with Marcolin and Viva and feels very excited about the collaboration with good hopes that his company will bring new possibilities for customers. In 2013, Viva signed an agreement with Marcolin Group and introduced its eyewear collection as a part of the celebrated Italian company’s portfolio. The brand offers classic style, excellent design, high-quality materials, perfect fit, great durability, and great comfort for men and women who prefer simple and refined glasses for everyday wearing.


Being a leader in manufacturing high-quality frames, Viva International Group designs and produces eyewear in the US and internationally by selling its products through retailers. Launched in 1978, Viva grew up significantly, and nowadays, it distributes ophthalmic and sunglass frames of premium quality in 90 countries. The brand is located in Somerville, NJ and includes 24 companies inside the group, and has six offices in Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, United Kingdom, and France. Direct sales offices and additional smaller joint ventures are placed in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico, and Australia. 

In 2013, a well-known company Marcolin Group acquired Viva and introduced an eyewear collection of eyeglasses that incarnates the American lifestyle, combining trendy looks with excellent functionality. Designed in a timeless style, frames for men and women are introduced in simple and classic shapes, offer a wide selection of colors, and are crafted from first-chop materials. Manufactured by the most experienced masters who follow the latest technologies, all the glasses from the Viva Eyewear collection are created for contemporary and opinionated people who prefer the finest accessories to be a perfect touch to their outfits. 


Viva International Group is also known as Viva Optique is a company founded in 1978 as a manufacturer of eyewear. The brand produces, markets, and sells fashionable glasses, including well-known companies GUESS, GANT, Candie’s, Rampage, BONGO, and others. This is the first eyewear brand in the USA that expanded internationally and nowadays maintains 5 direct sales offices in Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, Hong Kong, and France. Direct sales offices are also opened in Mexico, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, and Germany. Being a business unit of HVHC Inc., the company provides a total eyewear and eyecare experience for customers all over the globe. 

In 2013, Viva with its headquarters in Somerville, N.J. announced Antonio Bortuzzo as the new president of the company. David Holmberg, the president of HVHC Inc. saw Bortuzzo as an experienced and quite talented person who can be a leader of the business. Recently, Antonio was the CEO of optical eyewear saler Allison S.p.A. and the CEO of Alain Mikli Inc. that produces eyewear in Paris and has retail stores all over the world. 

In the same year, a well-known Italian company Marcolin Eyewear took a majority stake in Viva. Of course, as a result, Marcolin brought its historical experience, detailed management, and financial background to Viva’s business. The combination of two strong eyewear companies created a leader in the global market.