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Color: Gunmetal Glasses & Eyewear

Ray-Ban™ - Ja-Jo RB3592


$143.00 - $184.00

Ray-Ban™ - RB3528

$153.00 - $198.00

Ic! Berlin™ - MB 07


$531.25 - $830.61

Ray-Ban™ - Jack RB3565


$163.00 - $253.00

Ray-Ban™ - RB3670


$163.00 - $178.00

Ray-Ban™ - RB3670CH


$228.00 - $248.00

Ray-Ban™ - RB3672


$151.00 - $186.00

Ray-Ban™ - RX6421


$168.00 - $179.00

Ray-Ban™ - RX6462


$212.00 - $216.00

Choosing a spectacle frame is a very serious matter. And the complexity of the choice lies in both the aesthetic component and the comfort. After purchasing a pair of eyeglasses of the wrong size or inappropriate shape, you will be upset and unhappy with the result. As it turns out, the color of the frame also matters - not every color is ideal specifically for your appearance. Depending on the color of your skin, eyes, and hair, frames of specific shades will favorably emphasize the pros and, conversely, accentuate the cons. To choose the right frame color, you need to familiarize yourself with the theory of color types at least superficially. If you know your color type, then you can easily pick up not only the color of the frame but also the color palette of clothes and makeup.

There are many tests on the network to determine your color type. It is important to know if you are a cold or warm type. Cold-type people have blue eyes, pale skin, and blue veins. The warm tone is determined by brown eyes, dark skin, and green veins. This knowledge will help you decide on the color of your new spectacle frame. Representatives of a cold color type with light skin are recommended to choose pastel tones, but if the skin has a darker or olive shade, more saturated colors, for example, purple, dark grey, lilac, indigo, are suitable. When choosing a frame for people of a warm color type, pay attention to all the transparent tones of the spring palette, for example, light beige, soft blue, warm golden, lime color. It should be noted that black and neutral metal colors including gunmetal are considered universal and will suit any color type.