Dragon 2021 Eyewear Collection


Dragon Alliance is a Californian brand that was started way back in 1993. From its inception Dragon has been committed to creating its high-quality, high-performance and extremely comfortable winter sports ski goggles and sunglasses. Today the brand produces trendy sunglasses, fashionable frames, and bold accessories that are unique and innovative in design and perfect for those who are seeking high-level performance, and the latest technology in eyewear.

To create spectacle models, the brand uses the latest innovations, durable and flexible materials that can withstand very high loads. The shape of the temples is also very important, as it provides unique strength and low weight. All Dragon Alliance products meet the strictest safety standards and provide 100% UV protection for the eyes.

A recognized leader in high-performance eyewear, Dragon is constantly on the lookout for new and advanced lens materials and coatings. In the production of lenses, special coatings are used to resist accidental scratches. All lenses come with hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings as standard and are protected from mud, oil, and water. Dragon Alliance engineers work closely with plastics and nylon companies to create new resins and exclusive shades.