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Eyeglasses for Kids

Polaroid™ - PLD D809

$39.07 - $43.71

Puma™ - PJ0043O

$61.07 - $66.75

Kids nearsightedness is one of the common diseases which is associated with a combination of genetic and environmental factors. To all this can be added one of the main problem of the new generation - great affection to smartphones and computers. Kids spend too much time paying smartphone games. Tense up-close viewing sooner or later effects eyes damaging them.

Suddenly you understand that your kid needs eyeglasses. What to pay attention at when choosing glasses for your kid? Of course, safety should be your first priority. It is recommended to select strong, durable lenses. A frame should be sized appropriately - eyes have to be perfectly centered in the lenses and the bridge of the nose has to fit properly preventing glasses from sliding down. Don't forget that kids have tendency of constantly growing so probably you should check after a while if glasses are still good fitting.

You know, kids are very active and always on the go, it is good idea to use silicone straps - they help to keep glasses on a kid's face not letting them fall down and break. There are lots of kids frames. So you will always have a good choice. But it will be better to let your child make the selection of glasses design, color and style so the kid would be happy with the choice and enjoyed glasses wearing.