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Oval Titanium Eyeglasses Frame for Men

Rag & Bone™ - RNB7013


$128.99 - $153.37

Boss™ - 0993/F

$151.23 - $156.68

Boss™ - 1068/F


$143.18 - $181.04

Boss™ - 1070/F

$143.18 - $156.68

Bvlgari™ - BV1102TK

$642.33 - $1,185.00

Canali™ - 602A

$221.46 - $265.90

Canali™ - 604A

$221.46 - $265.90

Canali™ - 605A


$265.90 - $2,211.36

Saint Laurent™ - SL 359 T

$233.17 - $270.26

Prada™ - PR 50YV

$370.19 - $402.66

Eyeglasses have long become a fashion accessory for eyes rather than a vision correction tool. Your glasses shouldn’t just help you see, they should say something about you. Even though there are myriads of frame options, oval frames are absolutely excellent; owing to the oval silhouette with rounded edges, they are effortlessly classic and elegant to ideally complement virtually any outfit. We carry an outstanding collection of men’s oval titanium eyeglasses from Boss, Jimmy Choo, Safilo, and other brands with a solid reputation.

If you have a square or diamond-shaped face, an oval silhouette is ideal for you. However, oval frames also suit other face shapes. Looking to enhance your professional image? Oval frames are the way to go. We offer a number of different options to suit your needs and your lifestyle. When it comes to frame materials, titanium is one of the best options to consider. The advantages of titanium are endless; it’s strong, durable, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight, which makes titanium frames great for everyday wear. So, if edgy frames aren’t your style, go with our ever-expanding collection of nitty-gritty oval eyeglasses.