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Eyeglasses for Men

Rag & Bone™ - RNB7036


$94.09 - $117.58

Prada™ - PR 15WV


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Gant™ - GA3139

$93.88 - $123.78

According to some surveys, the first thing people pay attention to is the eyes. That's maybe because eyes reflect our personality and our real feelings. We can look into the eyes and feel a little cold and breeze, or warmth which goes directly from the heart. So we can get an impression from the first minutes of our interaction with a new person. It is also known that glasses keep attention on the eyes. In other words, they attract attention to the most powerful part of the face where emotional contact begins. This fact explains why women are often being attracted by men in glasses.

Trendy men's eyeglasses from top designers, celebrities wearing eyeglasses

There is also a widely held assumption among women that a man in eyeglasses is more trustworthy, smart, and charming. Women even feel more comfortable when communicating with them, such men are considered reliable and safe to approach. Surely this is just an illusion - not all glasses wearers are smart and credible. Personality is always more important. Time passes, and tastes change. If even ten years ago people with visual impairments were often ashamed to wear glasses, now the situation is the opposite: today, even people with perfect vision sometimes wear image glasses, which are quite popular today - they have lenses without optical power, and therefore do not correct vision and perform the function of only a fashionable accessory. This shows that glasses are something stylish and attractive in the perception of a modern person.

And this is what glasses can do definitely - to attract attention to your personality, to highlight you, to distinguish you from others. Some men look ordinary without glasses, whilst the right pair of stylish eyeglasses transforms a person and changes everything, creating an image of intelligent, smart, and non-ordinary individuality. As a result, by wearing eyeglasses, a man obtains a row of advantages starting from more attractiveness and ending with likeability and confidence. Find a good pair of eyeglasses that will become a part of your unique image.

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Which eyeglasses will make you look stunning? It all depends on the shape of your face and how to choose a proportional style of eyeglasses. To find out which style of frame is best for your face shape, start by taking inspiration from celebrities with similar face shapes. Compare your shape with one of them, then check out cool styles from David Beckham, Giorgio Armani, and Hugo Boss. Before you start looking for eyeglasses, you should also determine your clothing style. Once you know what you're looking for, you can explore more trendy pairs in similar shapes, from classic rectangular to more modern square shapes. But no matter what you're looking for this season, your favorite brands have you covered with both stylish new designs and fresh updates on classics.

Recently, glasses are increasingly used by many people not only as a means of vision correction but also as a fashion accessory, complementing the image. One of the main points to pay attention to when choosing eyeglasses is a suitable frame. It should be not only beautiful but also necessarily comfortable, especially if glasses must be worn constantly.  For many of us, the most important aspect when choosing frames is how they look on the face. When selecting optics, you should also pay attention to what the frame and lenses are made of. Plastic or metal can be used for the first. Plastic frames are lighter and more convenient, but they are easier to break, and they are not always suitable for models with heavy glass. Metal models look more stylish and strict, they are durable and suitable for any lenses.

Celebrities wearing eyeglasses

What's the point of a fashionable expensive frame if it doesn't suit you? First, you need to determine which glasses are right for you, and then choose current and fashionable ones from them. Classic selection rules: glasses should be proportional to the face and its features, and the shape should add what the face lacks. A round face with soft features lacks geometry and rigidity. A square and triangular face with sharp features and sharp corners - just the opposite, lacks softness and roundness. All this can be compensated if you choose the right frame. With hair, as with eyes, you can choose one of the strategies: classic or extravagant. You can choose a frame color that is close to the hair tone, then the glasses will almost dissolve and will not attract attention. And you can choose a sharp contrast, from which it will be impossible to look away from your eyes.

To improve the quality of life, and make it as comfortable as possible, even if you have eye problems, it is very important to choose the right glasses.  It is wrong to think that such accessories are the prerogative of only the elderly. Eyeglasses are a modern fashion trend that can completely change your image. Wearing them is not only to ensure daily comfort but also to add certain features that improve the appearance of a woman, man, or child. Since glasses are visible on the face, it is important that they fit and look good. Not all fashion experts agree that the shape of the glasses frame should be opposite to the shape of the face. That is, if you have, for example, a round face, choose square and rectangular frame models, and so on.