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Eyeglasses for Men

Prada™ - PR 15WV

$144.39 - $144.44

Carrera™ - 1124

$78.32 - $80.24

Carrera™ - 249

$79.82 - $80.24

According to some surveys, the first thing people pay attention to are the eyes. That's maybe because eyes reflect our personality and our real feelings. We can look into the eyes and feel a little cold and breeze, or warmth which goes directly from the heart. So we can get an impression from the first minutes of our interaction with a new person. It is also known that glasses keep attention on eyes. In other words they attract attention to the most powerful part of the face where emotional contact begins. This fact explains why women are often being attracted by men in glasses.

There is also a widely held assumption among women that a man in eyeglasses is more trustworthy, smart and charming. Women even feel more comfortably when communicate with them, such men are considered as reliable and safe to approach. Surely this is just an illusion - not all glasses wearers are smart and credible. The personality is always more important.

But this is what glasses can do definitely - to attract attention to your personality, to highlight you, to distinguish from others. Some men look ordinary without glasses, whilst the right pair of stylish eyeglasses transforms a person and changes everything, creating an image of intelligent, smart and non ordinary individuality. As a result, wearing eyeglasses, a man obtains a row of advantages starting from more attractiveness and ending with likeability and confidence. Find a good pair of eyeglasses which will become a part of your unordinary image.