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Browline Acetate Eyeglasses Frame for Women


The world has seen Browline eyeglasses in 1947 for the first time. They were invented and manufactured by Jack Rohrbach. The first Browlines were coming in limited sizes and colors but turned out to be so loved among a great amount of people. It caught on popularity so quickly that this recognition resulted in numerous other companies producing their own Browline models. It is still considered to be one of the most stylish, unique, and nice-looking products. Some people may say they look nerdy a little, but doesn’t being smart look attractive? If you want to add a nerdy and serious accent to your look, go ahead and search for your perfect model at our online store. We are doing our best to provide you with the widest collection of Browline specs for women from the now-famous world-recognized brands, such as Saint Laurent, Ic! Berlin and others.

As we mentioned, “firstborns” couldn’t really boast of a great variety of sizes and colors but times change. Today, manufacturers have the right to choose from lots of materials depending on their characteristics and results desired at the end. For example, using acetate in the process guarantees getting a hypoallergenic, flexible, strong, and colorful product. Also, thanks to the modified and sped up production process, the number of ready-to-use items is increased to unseen results. And when a process of production gets sped up, there’s more room for new ideas, shapes and colors. Leaving all the acetate advantages behind, you should keep in mind that Browlines will always be a top-notch accessory and an integral part of your smart look.