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Eyeglasses for Women

Candie's™ - CA0129

$104.56 - $107.38

Tom Ford™ - FT5673-B


$189.76 - $223.20

Balenciaga™ - BB0062O


$262.50 - $285.00

Long gone are those days when wearing glasses made women feel uncool. Now eyeglasses are one of the stylish indispensable accessories in which celebrities are seen around in everyday life or on a red carpet. Eyeglasses have become entrenched in our minds as a fashion symbol more than a cure tool for bad eyes. What do women gain from wearing glasses? First of all, they are necessary to fix some eye problems. And there is no need to force yourself to wear contact lenses when there are so many models of stylish glasses. Besides being a fashion attribute, glasses always add a little chic to a woman's face, they enhance a woman's beauty, and add extra something to her appearance.

Trendy women's eyeglasses from top designers, celebrities wearing eyeglasses

There is something mystique behind women's long eyelashes framed with eyeglasses. These eyes are fascinating. Women in glasses may seem so untouchable, unreachable, and so much attractive. While without glasses a woman is beautiful, when putting glasses on she becomes endlessly enchanting, mixing some different images at once: too touching, intellectual, naughty, and hot at one the same time. Women in glasses will always appeal to men. Glasses may add some confidence and a confident woman always attracts. Wearing bold fashion glasses definitely needs some courage and tells that she fully accepts all sides of her nature. Glasses help to open all possible facets of every woman. Just find those which are good enough for your personality. 

When choosing an accessory for the eyes at EyeOns, you should take into account the features of your face in order to create a unified composition and brighten up imperfections. When choosing a frame, you need to take into account that any frames are suitable for an oval face shape. The image you want to create is of particular importance here. To give softness, you should choose round models, for rigor - square ones. For a round shape, oblong or square frames are recommended. Round and oval eyeglasses are suitable for a square face, which visually smooths out imperfections and gives softness. With a triangular shape, it is better to purchase optical devices of medium size, which have a vague or light rounded frame with the main emphasis in the upper part.

Celebrities wearing designer eyeglasses

Eyesight is an important part of a person's life, so eye correction is of great importance. The problem of poor vision can be easily solved by wearing various correction devices. Nowadays, rimless eyeglasses are gaining popularity. They got their name because of the manufacturing method: the design is based on metal brackets that are attached to the lens with screws, where holes are pre-drilled. One of the main advantages of this choice is that rimless glasses are invisible on the face. Some people do not like the way they look with corrective glasses, or they are embarrassed to wear them. Rimless glasses allow a person to feel comfortable. There are different materials of brackets and earpieces available: if you want inconspicuous glasses, choose titanium; if you want more practical ones, choose plastic models.

Celebrities wearing eyeglasses

Full-rim eyeglasses are frames whose light openings are completely limited by the rim. Along with metal and plastic, there are also combined models of full-rim frames, for the manufacture of which both plastic and metal are used. The shape of the rim frame can be very different: from strict lines to unusually bright and fashionable curves. The variety of materials allows the production of rim frames in a variety of colors and styles, even with the inclusion of decorative and jewelry elements. If you need glasses for vision with high optical power (high diopters), it is full-rim frames that will most reliably withstand the weight of even fairly thick lenses. The edges of the lens are protected from mechanical damage and chips on all sides. This way, rimmed glasses will last longer and look neater.

A well-chosen frame can forever change the image and complement your individual style.  Many companies around the world make frames so that you can choose exactly what best suits your face shape, hair color, and wardrobe preferences. In order for you to find exactly what you need, our product catalog is constantly expanding. Now the assortment presents models of various functional and design characteristics. The EyeOns online store offers you frames in a wide selection of models, shapes, and price ranges.  Here you will find brands that are represented by well-known brands such as Gucci and Prada, as well as less popular ones, with excellent quality and original designs, such as Anne Klein and Banana Republic.