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Sunglasses 127mm Lens

Oakley™ - Batwolf OO9101

$99.83 - $157.60

Oakley™ - OO9411

$113.71 - $141.75

Oakley™ - OO9419

$111.50 - $144.71

In the modern world, almost every person uses sunglasses. Every year new collections of eyewear from well-known brands are released, which become stylish and fashionable accessories. However, it is worth remembering that sunglasses play another important role - they protect the eyes from excessive sunlight and protect the retina from burns. This is an essential means of preventing eye health, so you need to choose sunglasses not only for their appearance but also for their functionality. If sunglasses do not provide UV protection, they will expose you to more harmful UV rays. For the specific environment of use, choosing the right and high quality sunglasses will provide you with maximum protection.

To save your eyes from ultraviolet radiation, sunglasses must have a UV filter. When buying glasses, pay attention that they are labeled UV400, which means that the glasses have a filter that absorbs ultraviolet waves from 380 to 400 nm - the most dangerous for the human eye. Sunglasses are available in different dimensions. Choose the right lens size for your sunglasses to get the best results in certain conditions.  For example, the 127mm models are a great solution for those who don't want to choose between UV protection and style.  This option combines everything. Such models will not leave anyone indifferent, arousing interest and desire to become the owner of not one, but several newfangled sunglasses in the season.