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Lens Size: 129mm Glasses

Eyewear is not just about vision correction or protecting eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Actually, many people wear glasses to underline their individuality or make a big fashion statement. If you follow fashion trends and dare to look different, you’ll probably agree that there’s no such thing as too many glasses. With today’s overwhelming range of styles and shapes, finding the right pair of glasses is an enjoyable experience. Whatever your preferences, glasses should complement your look and balance your face shape. We carry the most comprehensive selection of top-notch designer specs and shades that will instantly transform your look and give you a fresh wave of confidence.  

Buying the accurate size of eyeglasses/sunglasses can be tricky, but not for those who are passionate about glasses and buy them more often than others. In fact, all glasses have three key measurements that include the eye size, bridge width, and temple length. The first measurement is the most important and describes the width of the lens at its widest point. The average lens width is between 46-49 mm. However, it can go far above 100 mm if we talk about oversized styles. For example, we offer a large assortment of 129 mm glasses as well as many other sizes to suit everyone’s needs and tastes.