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Lens Size: 142mm Glasses

Emporio Armani™ - EA2091

$93.78 - $202.20

Bvlgari™ - BV6139

$251.64 - $265.60

Versace™ - VE2161

$154.22 - $290.00

Ralph Lauren™ - RL7057

$124.56 - $133.66

Prada™ - PR 53US

$198.85 - $284.53

Prada™ - PR 55XS

$166.29 - $173.28

Versace™ - VE2161B

$193.42 - $211.98

Oversized sunglasses have not gone out of style for several years. This accessory is out of season - it can be worn not only in summer but also in other seasons, combining with outfits of different styles. Are oversized sunglasses for everyone? How to choose the right ones for yourself?  Oversized is a whole trend in fashion, which also includes clothes of a similar style - baggy, shapeless, several sizes larger than required. It is characterized by a loose fit and comfort. But if oversized clothes are suitable for owners of different shapes, then this will not work with sunglasses - they need to be selected even more carefully than ordinary-sized optics.

Oversized sunglasses can be of various configurations: round, oval, trapezoidal, rectangular, fanciful geometry, or sports shields with a mono lens. Their only common feature is the large lens size, which exceeds the usual average. What is the standard lens size and what is outside of these values? The average lens width is 55 mm, and the large size will be above 60 mm. It is worth noting: when choosing sports shield sunglasses with a mono lens, you may encounter a lens width of 142 mm. Such sunglasses are also considered oversized which are not only in trend today, but also have practical benefits for those who wear them. For example, oversized lenses protect not only the eyes but also a large area around them, thus, preventing the formation of wrinkles in the eye area.