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Sunglasses 143mm Lens

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Sunglasses are a stylish and useful accessory. Designers, developing new shapes and color combinations, dictate fashion trends of each new season, which are enthusiastically accepted by fashionistas. So, for example, the latest novelties from famous designers are sunglasses with double glasses: one glass is located in front of the other and they differ in shape and shade. Frames of non-standard geometric shapes with curved lines combined with rounded elements look non-trivial and will be appreciated by lovers of original accessories.

Of particular note is the shield sunglasses, which received this name because they reliably cover the eyes from the sun. The upper edge of the frame is a single line, like a ski mask. Such glasses are often equipped with a large mono lens, for example, the entire lens can be 143 mm in size, which will be indicated by the manufacturer as the size of the lens width.The sunglasses look massive and harmoniously combined with women's faces with delicate features and an oval shape. In addition to their spectacular size and their memorable image, oversized sunglasses protect not only the eyes from ultraviolet radiation but also a large area of the delicate skin around them, preventing premature aging.