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Lens Size: 154mm Glasses

One of the key reasons why glasses have become one of the biggest fashion add-ons is that having lots of options has made it fun again. Actually, shades and optical frames are an easy and exciting way to instantly add charm and charisma to any outfit. When buying a new pair of glasses, there are many things to consider, starting from your face shape all the way to the size of glasses. Even if you’ve found what looks like your most desired pair of frames, you should consider comfort and size first. As a rule, all glasses have three standard measurements in millimeters that determine their size.

The first and most important measurement is the lens width, which is the horizontal width of each lens at its widest point. The second number describes the bridge width, while the last one is responsible for the temple length. Striving to meet the most demanding needs of customers, we carry an impressively wide selection of sunglasses and optical frames from the most trusted names in the industry. Looking for a way to create an in-vogue ensemble? Try an oversized style! We carry lots of one-of-a-kind pieces, including an array of 154 mm glasses that are sure to heat up your looks!