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Sunglasses 33mm Lens

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Why are sunglasses so important to us? First of all, they are designed to protect the eyes from harmful UV radiation, which is divided into two types - UVA and UVB. The first type is capable of damaging the retina of the eye and provoking the process of loss of vision. These rays accelerate the skin aging process and may become the cause of skin cancer.

The second type of rays - UVB - are not as harmful to the eyes, but with intense exposure they can also affect vision impairment, causing blurriness, pain, and temporary blindness. To protect the eyes and skin of the eyelids from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation, it is necessary to use sunscreen optics - they are equipped with the necessary filters that perform a barrier function preventing the penetration of harmful rays through the lenses of sunglasses.

When choosing sunglasses, pay attention to the markings. Only lenses with a UV-400 mark will provide one hundred percent protection from ultraviolet radiation - they completely prevent the penetration of UV radiation. The lower the number on the marking, the weaker the protection. Choosing the right frame size is equally important. Information about the parameters of glasses is most often marked on the left temple on the inside and consists of three numbers: lens width, nose bridge distance, and temple length. For example, if you are looking for glasses with a lens width of 33 mm - pay attention to the first number in the size indicated by the manufacturer. Knowing the width of your face, you can calculate the needed frame size, and without fear, pick up glasses via the Internet.