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Lens Size: 36mm Glasses

Every year, designers update their eyewear collections for those men and women who follow fashion trends and prefer to be at the forefront of fashion. For such people, eyeglasses are not only a means of correction and a functional accessory but also an irreplaceable wardrobe item that must harmoniously fit into the image, improve it and add style. Trendy eyewear is a wide range that includes both classic options with updated elements, and original design solutions. Thanks to this variety, both sexes have the opportunity to choose the best model for every taste and at an attractive price.

But besides the choice of the model and the material from which the frame is made, you need to choose the right size of the sunglasses and frames so that they sit comfortably on your face, without falling off and without squeezing the temples and the bridge of the nose. You can make the right choice of eyeglasses using the parameters of the previous frame or by measuring your face yourself. The manufacturer indicates the size of the glasses on the temple. Usually, it consists of three numbers, which consecutively denote lens width, nose bridge distance, and temple length. It might look like this: 36-18-135, where 36 mm is the lens width, 18 mm is the nose bridge distance, and 135 mm is the frame width. Our online store offers a wide selection of eyeglass sizes for every taste.