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Lens Size: 41mm Glasses

Ray-Ban™ - RY1561

$94.00 - $99.00

Ray-Ban™ - RY1587

$98.00 - $99.00

Do you like bright sunny weather? Or maybe you prefer cloudy days and rain? Be that as it may, ophthalmologists insist that sunglasses are a necessary accessory, and not only in the summer, when we go for a vacation by sea, and when the sun is shining especially brightly, but even in cloudy weather - after all, ultraviolet radiation does not disappear anywhere even when the sky is overcast. Undoubtedly, in bright sunlight, the eyes have to constantly strain, and they quickly get tired. Vision deteriorates, discomfort and headache appear. The tinted lenses carefully cover your eyes from the sun, allowing you to see your surroundings clearly and without stress. 

In bright sunny weather, glasses with a polarized coating are very useful. They will extinguish bright reflections and provide comfortable visibility. Such glasses are especially recommended for drivers and those who spend time near open reservoirs. Sunglasses also protect against mechanical damage - small dust particles, raindrops, small stones. Therefore, you should not neglect sunglasses at any time of the year and you should approach the purchase of this accessory very responsibly, especially to the details of the correct size. What should you look for when choosing the size of your sunglasses? The size of the frame is indicated in millimeters and looks something like this: 41 - 18 - 134. Where 41 mm is the lens width, 18 mm is the nose bridge distance, and 134 is the temple length. You can use the size of your old frame, or measure your face to know which frame width is right for you.