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Eyeglasses 42mm Lens

Ray-Ban™ - RY1545

$100.00 - $110.00

Safilo™ - 0004/N

$58.45 - $59.95

Polo™ - PP8540

$51.63 - $96.07

Glasses are an important part of a personal image. This accessory can tell a lot about the owner. Besides, a well-chosen option can complete the created image, and an unsuitable model can easily destroy it. Glasses are a unique accessory that combines fashion and health care. Whether we are talking about corrective or sun protection models, you need to find the right shape, size, design, and style for yourself. The correct size and shape of the frame is a vital criterion for your comfort and appearance. If the size is incorrect, you will inevitably run into inconvenience. So a feeling of tightness in the temporal zone will be an indicator of a too narrow frame and will mean that the glasses are too small for you. If the glasses fall or slide to the side with the slightest movement, then, on the contrary, the frame is too wide.

A feeling of tightness in the nose bridge indicates that the temples are not long enough or that the model is designed for narrow faces. Stay away from frames that are too small, as they will make your head disproportionately large as if you were wearing kids' glasses. Choose glasses that are proportional to your face. Determining the size of the frames is not difficult - carefully study the inscriptions on the inside of the temples. It contains digital information: lens width (for example, 42 mm), nose bridge distance (18 mm), temple length (134 mm). Having these dimensions, you can calculate the width of the frame and, based on this knowledge, choose the right frame size that will be ideal for you.