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Sunglasses 42mm Lens

Good sunglasses are an essential accessory, like a watch, purse, or a favorite hat. They protect the eyes on a bright sunny day, adding a double portion of style to the image. In everyday use, sunglasses are indispensable not only in summer, when you have to squint against the bright rays of the sun but also in winter, when the reflections of the snow are dazzlingly bright, which is why our eyes also need additional protection. Many ophthalmologists consider it necessary to wear glasses even in cloudy weather to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays because if you do not use sunglasses with UV protection, you can get a corneal burn or cataract. The consequences of the influence of UV rays may not appear immediately, but accumulate for years - and then one day, far from being a fine day, a sharp deterioration in vision occurs. 

Therefore, you should not wait for such unpleasant consequences and choose a pair or two of practical, functional, and of course stylish glasses. Especially when you consider the choice that modern fashionistas have: different shapes from classics to avant-garde, dark or translucent lenses, colored, gradient, or mirrored, for any face shape and any size. Choosing a model of sunglasses, it is recommended to pay attention to the size, which is written on the inside of the temple. The first number indicated by the manufacturer, for example, 42, is the lens width, followed by the nose bridge distance and temple length. This information helps when buying glasses in online shops, and also simplifies the selection of optics: knowing your ideal glasses parameters for previous models, you can immediately look for glasses of the right size, paying attention to the best options.